La Última Dramática

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From the creator of The "Best Song Ever Made".

I present to you, my latest masterpiece!
Once again, I have taken a deep dive into the very essence of sound, with the goal to emerge victorious, bringing with me the spoils of my journey; this very composition.

I assure you, it was not an easy task to do, and I lost many friends along the way. Alas, it was worth every sacrifice! When you hear the beauty of this piece, surely you will know why.

So stall no more, but allow yourself to be engulfed in the world which I have created for you, through my pure passion.

Enjoy to your heart's utmost desire!

Thank you.

(Mind the date)

P.S. Incidentally, you can watch me play this on the piano:

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Ah, how could I miss another of your April Fools Day pieces? XD I like the cinematic vibe in the beginning, as well as how it quickly devolves into dissonance. I think one of my favorite parts starts around :38. It seems oddly pensive. Overall, it felt like you were trying to make a parody of your own music in order to make fun of yourself. I think there are too many stop-starts to validly draw the comparison in that regard, though. I thoroughly enjoyed the cadence at the end, too! Felt like a gradual descent into hell. XD Happy belated April Fools Day to you too!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

"I think there are too many stop-starts to validly draw the comparison in that regard, though."

=> Haha, you got me xD
I do tend to have a lot of flow going on in most pieces, especially if they're solo piano ones :D

It's fun that so many people told me they liked this not as a parody, but as actual music. On one hand, it was really funny, on the other, it made me wonder if I should stop trying alltogether, haha ;D

Thanks for the dedicated reviewing! I look forward to hearing some of your work once you get the time and energy to make more music!!! :OOO

Well I actually appreciate stuff like this. Especially when one gets tired of emotional/"pretty" music, this can be quite the antidote to apathy towards music. I prefer watching the live performance of it, and if I may suggest that you could experiment with more chaos and crazy scales that you would actually use a more intellectual approach to it as well. For example, some of the scales are merely for effect especially when you arpeggiate toward the higher register, and I would really be interested in hearing you play with more weight onto the keys to emphasize specific notes as opposed to just flopping around.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Haha, I guess these things can be refreshing from time to time xD
If I took a more serious approach at this, I suppose the style/genre wouldn't be entirely different from certain parts of "The Place of a Skull" :p
The only real musical value here is the rhythmic aspect, and perhaps the "arrangement", in terms of tempo, progression and general pitch + variation. But really, it's just random, with disregard for melodies or chords. That said, it would be interesting to make a similar piece with actual planned chords and "melodies", aiming for it to actually sound good. That would be pretty difficult to play though!
I''m glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for the review ^ ^

This is the masterpiece of a genius. You creatively combined two styles in an unprecedented manner: the style of a classically trained pianist juxtaposed with the style of someone who's musically inept. You were even cognizant enough to dabble with the sustain peddle to create a middle ground. This is extraordinary work! :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Haha, which is another way of saying I just sat by the piano and din random stuff xD
But nothing you said is technically false, so well described xD
Thanks for reviewing!

To be honest, it may sound more like a trance-ish melodic overdose, yet I still enjoy it, as if it was part of a horror movie.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I did hear the horrow movie aspect of this too! I'm not sure I would call it melodic, but why not I guess! Thank you for listening :D

Hell of the trip. Nice April's Fool track. :3

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Heh, thanks dude! This is the first thing I came up with in the morning, when i realized the date had aleady come. I decided I wanted to do something this year too, after all :)

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