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Drums are Time Traveller kit by Chango Studios
Guitars with Pod Farm

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Hell yeah man! This track gave me spontaneous metal face!

This is excellently mixed! The throttle noise of the distortion in those guitars is tearing my face off! And the stomp riff around 2:08 is wicked as all hell, dude! This would shake the the fuckin house down if you played it at my favorite metal spots!

I only have a bit of criticism regarding that transition around 1:30 with a clean guitar in the background...really, it sounds like your backdrop cleans are just a bit nebulous all throughout. I feel like those could be more clearly defined in the final-mix, maybe giving them a riff thats a bit more varied than strumming the root-note and triad...i dunno what it should look like though. That's just the only area I can find where things seem lackluster...and I'm not even sure what to tell you to make it better, so I can't let it affect my rating, lol.

Cheers, this is wicked cool shit man!

hoorayjay responds:

Thanks for listening man!

Extremely good!
I'm aware it's a thing to scoop the mids in this style but you went a bit overboard with it.

I found this track sounds a lot better when you boost around 900hz by about 5dB.

hoorayjay responds:

Then please check out a more recent track and see if I have learned! Thinking about it this song is 6 months old or so, just hanging about on my computer.

I would normally leave a big long review praising the things I love about this ong, but I think all I need to say us this. Perfection.

hoorayjay responds:

Thanks for taking the time!

I really shouldn't be reviewing this since I don't listen to this type of music very much, but here goes nothin'!

For a heavy metal song this sure starts out smooth-sounding. I loved the ambience of the beginning and the part close to the end. As for the meat and/or potatoes, the heavy stuff sounds good. You've definitely got the heavy metal style down, but it's got a unique sound to it I'd say. It's unusually airy and somber for heavy metal, and I love that about it. I do have to nitpick the ending since it just cuts out so suddenly. The ending is a very important part of a song in my opinion. You should let the sound die down before ending the file, but that's just my opinion. Overall, this is a great song and think most people would love it.

Nice work :-)

hoorayjay responds:

Thank you very much! Ambience is a lot of places in metal at the moment so it feels good to get that down. That last point about ending the file was an oversight on my part, as I wrote this as part of a concept EP and it is meant to flow into the next song. I feel silly for even letting that go through! Thank you for bringing it to my attention

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4.67 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2017
11:41 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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3 min 56 sec

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