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What A Beautiful Life | Happiness is Here | Worth

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WABL|HiH|W is about how I've perceived my mental state in the year and a half period since graduating university and attempting to start a freelance composition career. It's been...emotional. And sharing all of this, even through the medium of music which is my safe haven, is embarrassing and exposing. But I feel like it's important to do. Being a songwriter, to me, means sometimes revealing things we might rather keep quiet.

What A Beautiful Life is right at the beginning - I was endlessly optimistic, I had work lined up, things were great. The month of June 2015 in particular was incredible. I had an interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring project (scoring the video game Particle Fleet), I was making a bunch of money for it, and I felt fearlessly independent. I was especially proud being a successful musician right out of the gates - music being a business that is not kind to people.

Happiness is Here is the calming down. Things had slowed down and I had tempered myself. Everything was...fine! I was making a living, I had a variety of projects I was working on, I had doubts and fears like any other person but things were working out.

Worth is where I am right now. Things are worse, and I've finally had to confront the notion that I probably need to get a job outside of writing music. The 'dream' - writing music for a living - was such a far off concept growing up, but I ended up realizing that dream. And really early on in life, at 21.
At 23, such a short time after having realized that dream, the idea of having to put it on hold - the idea that I've failed at this - is devastating.
I know that compared to some other musicians, those who are used to working day jobs to support their music, compared to that I seem incredibly lucky to have done it full-time at such a young age. But I also know that from a non-musician's point of view, simply wanting to work in your field full-time doesn't seem like an unreasonable goal. And yet it is. And I've prided myself on being able to do just that, especially on my own, without working for someone else.

To have tasted the nectar and then to have to give it up is heartbreaking.

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I hear the shotgun
And out of the gates I run
I'm not the type to stand and wait
Hoping to get a break
I am a tiger
Prowling on the Earth alone
I'm on the hunt for the future I want
I'm gonna take it, gonna take it

So when the light comes in I'm ready to go
And I have never felt more in control
My dreams are alive
What a beautiful life
And when the night goes down there's music around
And colours are bursting in into sound
My dreams are alive
What a beautiful life

'Cause when I get knocked down
I can make things better
I've got the power now
I choose to make things better
I can make things better

Come sit next to me
Move a little closer
Let me show you in to my life
I moved somewhere new
And written on the wall there
"Happiness is here"
Now and forevermore (x2)

Calmer now and I'm stable, but the joy is still alive (x4)

And of course I've got doubts
But the joy is still alive
I can drown them all out
If the joy is still alive
Still alive, still alive
I'm still alive

I'm not the same as I was
I hide away but the problem's not outside me

I can still hear those words
I used to sing so proudly
But my conviction's blurred
They don't have the same effect
But they're all that I have left

My dreams are alive
What a beautiful life
This has to be beautiful

This has to be beautiful (∞)

- - - - -
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What a well produced track! I really enjoy the fact that it is a POSITIVE song! We have too much depression in the music industry as it is. Thank you for writing something with a good message. Musically it is structured very well and flows nicely. Great work and keep doing what you do!

FinnMK responds:

Thanks so much! Generally speaking, I'm a pretty positive guy, so it tends to come through in my music.

Okay, I keep coming back here to read someone's review, but no one has posted one. I've avoided doing it myself primarily because I'm not a musician. I know nothing about music but you need to know;

This piece is incredible. whether you consider it one song or three, there's no doubting that is absolutely a master piece. I thought Road To Happiness was great, I thought Mad, Mad, Mad was great, but this... This song blows those two out o the water. While both of those two had their own personal emotion attached to them, this one is a frickin' roller coaster. You've proven multiple times now that when you want to convey a particular emotion, you do it. You succeed every single time. This isn't relevant, but I actually put Mad, Mad, Mad, Road to Happiness, and this on my phone so I can listen to them when ever I want. I don't normally feel bad about doing that, since the newgrounds rules say you can download a song and do whatever you want with it as long as you give credit to artist, but you deserve a profit off these, though I've come to the conclusion that you're probably the kind of guy who makes music for the sake of his own love of music. They are absolutely magnificent. Like I said, I'm not a musician, so all I can really do is say "This is awesome" or synonyms of that multiple times.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

FinnMK responds:

Thank you so much. It really means the world to me that you're enjoying my music and that it has such an impact. I'm really excited you describe it as a roller coaster of emotions - that's exactly what it's intended to be!

I'm certainly a guy who makes music for passion - and to satisfy my ever-present inner demons that demand creation - but I'm always happy to have the music purchased. If you ever feel so inclined just head over to my Bandcamp and pay as much as you feel is fair, although I'll always keep all my music free to download on NG.

Thanks again!

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