The Prodigal


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Written for the semi-finals (Round 4) of the NGADM with joshgawaldomusic. He's crushing the banjo on this one! Our competitor this round is the illustrious SoundChris (who's teamed up with JacobCadmus). Check them out, they've got some amazing music.

The past 3 rounds have been primarily orchestral and electric guitar pieces. We really wanted to do something different, so this song has neither of those things.

I sang the main verses along with my wife, and Josh and his wife sing throughout as well.


You’ve been walking that tired road
Down those winding paths of gold
Come rest your weary, forgotten soul
If you’re lost then come on home

Now your faith has slipped away
And your old soul is worn and gray
Oh, you don’t have to die alone
If you’re lost then come on home

When time is spent we’ll fly away
And we’ll dance there in endless day
Now lay my bones behind the stone
I was lost, now I’m comin’ home

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Excellent work. I play the banjo, but not as accurately or as well as josh. I see no problems :D.

I normally don't listen to bluegrass, to be honest. I'm new at reviewing songs like these! ^^;

First of all, I must say it is really great to have someone you love who likes to do music and sing along with you. You and your wife and your friends have wonderful voices. I agree with what my bud TaintedLogic had said on your voices being soulful.

Every instrument used here is well played and complements your voices so well. The atmosphere of this song is homey and warm to me. The production quality is very good.

Good luck to you all in this year's NGADM!

I love the edgy, down-to-earth vibe here. All of you guys have amazing voices, btw - they're so soulful and soothing. I can just picture the old country bartender luring me in for a drink after a long day on the road. I also enjoyed the structural relief offered by 2:15. The mood and atmosphere here is utterly fantastic, and the production quality is so high that it could've been taken right out of a commercial for either Viagra or Chevy. The lyrics are just as good as the vocals, too. Amazing. I don't even care about the liquor - you're getting a generous tip! ;D Insta-faved and downl- WAIT! There is no download! Why do you torture me?! Seriously, though, that banjo-playing can only be described as badass. "Doing something different" as you put it seemed to work out extremely well! Congrats on another breathtakingly good track! :D

This IS A SONG RIGHT HERE, bassfiddlejones i love your work, this is by far your crowning achievement, i have one question why is this particular Masterpiece not available for download?, i understand that the licensing terms on the audio page say " This work may not be used by anyone", but i don't plan to do anything illegal or abuse your work if that's what you are concerned about i just wish to download to the song because it is really good and to show my support as a parton of your music, criticism aside it is GREAT, i wish you a Happy christmas form 2 days ago and a happy new year, hope to hear a reply. :)

This is too cool...........

bassfiddlejones responds:


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