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After giving you guys two teasers for this track, here is the full version of Blood Moon in all its glory. In the end, I didn't know what to classify this as genre-wise on here, so if you have any suggestions other than just "Other-Fusion", I'm all ears.

Anyways, on to the track. Out of all the tracks Karl and I have done, either seperate or together, this track is by far our favorite. It was so much fun to write despite all the hard times we had due to this being new territory for us. Taking influences from the likes of Blue Stahli, Seamless and Celldweller, this is definitely our most unique having guitars almost always be at the forefront and the synths in the back. We even did our best to emulate a real drum player, which was difficult to do with the little to no knowledge in playing drums and the lack of references we used to do so.

This track originally started out as an Ionic Force solo project, but he was having trouble getting started with it so he came to me to ask if I could input any ideas, which lead to the suggestion of just making Blood Moon an Equilibria track instead.

And for those that ask, we used Shreddage II alongside Guitar Rig 5 for the 3 guitars used in the track alongside the Shreddage Picked Bass library for the melodic bass outside of the drops.

Get the full EP with this track here: http://equilibria.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-realms

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Absolutely Amazing!!! I have to admit the build up was a little long, but overall an absolutely amazing and very impressive song! Very good work and I am excited to see what you upload next! Keep it up! :D

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks so much man, appreciate the review!

Yeah, I'm really behind on my reviews now, huh? So let's fix that!

First of all, I love the heavy, slow piano section at the beginning. The arpeggios at around :20 really helped you transition effectively into the more intense bits too. I think you probably could've used some more drums and bass in the first minute or so, though, just to add more substance in an otherwise relatively bare soundscape. I loved the energetic bass at 1:55, though. I think that the drums were not as strong as they could've been, especially around 2:30 where the bass has a monopoly on the mix. That said, your mastering is as good as ever. I love the little mini-guitar riffs that start popping in at around 3:20, but I thought you needed a smoother transition into them. I also thought the gradual fade-out of the guitar solo at around 4:30 was pretty anti-climactic and unnatural-sounding. My biggest complaint, though, is probably the balance. You really highlight certain elements of your mix more than others, but it seems a little out-of-place sometimes. For example, the guitar is clearly hi-jacking the mix throughout the last couple of minutes, most notably during the last minute. Yet around 6:30, as you're winding down the track, I feel like it should have a darker, quieter, more furtive feel about it, yet it's as loud and in-your-face as ever until the very last note. Overall, however, this is a cool track, and I'm glad you're expanding your horizons by using some different samples (i.e., the guitar). Until next time, DM. ;D

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks for the review, man!

A lot of the gripes you have with this track I do have to agree and disagree with. A lot of the odd things about the track, like the solo fade out and keeping it in your face throughout the whole track, were really just artistic choices that we preferred over others. Though the balance thing, totally agree with. It was really hard to find the balance in the track that would also translate well in the master, as it was a little more balanced before I started mastering and, with the handicap I had mastering the track (headphones only, no monitors), I ended up tipping the scales a little more than I wanted.

Feel like it would be better with the first 52 seconds taken out, but after that, it's really good. Long, slow build ups might "scare" ppl away. Only reason i'm giving it the rating i am.

Dylnmatrix responds:

If you think this intro is long, you should listen to my track Leap of Faith. There's a long, slow build up to scare ya. Or any Hard Trance/Dance track for that matter.

And originally we were thinking about the intro to the track being different, as the intro now used to be a placeholder, but we ended up really liking it with the track. It doesn't give too much away, while giving enough for listeners to be curious about the rest of the track and listen more as it builds.

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