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My submission for NGADM Round 1. Future bassy stuff, weeeee

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This is an NGADM 2015 review.

So I like the bells in your intro, though I feel that when the melody that comes in around 00:26, they could do with some more reverb or some delay as they're a bit dry. Otherwise they're nice. Nice riser and subdrop, as well.

I like the drop, especially the saws! The blippy square arps are great as well. I feel that the kick is pretty good for impact purposes, but to be honest it's a bit dull and could do with a lot more punch/top end. A lot of that is to do with sample choice in my opinion. It does its job well, though. Speaking of sample choice, I think the clap is a bit generic - it also gets very lost in the mix during the choruses, largely because of the prevalence of the hats and saws. Adding some top end to it might benefit it - I also think it'd make it sound nicer, personally.

I like the melody you're using in the chorus, but I found it to be a bit repetitive by 2 minutes in. Not sure about the switch-up at 2:30, especially when the double-kicks come in at the buildup to the next chorus. If you high-passed the kick significantly it probably would have been fine, but otherwise it creates a lot of chaos. The second chorus is basically the same as the first, and so the issues of repetition remain. As said though, you've got a pretty good melody. I really like the bandpassed saw you use in the outro, by the way.

Pretty good piece - good production, pretty good sound design/instrumentation. Possibly a bit repetitive but I enjoyed it.

I liked the upbeat mood and the instruments you used. It progressed a little slowly, but the drop at :50 was awesome. I think you should’ve brought out the arpeggios during the drop more, because they did a lot to create a full texture for the piece. I really like the melodic content in this piece. The riser at 1:58 is really cool, too. I like the energy and progression, but I think you could’ve done more to create some structural contrast here. I don’t hear much of a breakdown/bridge/re-intro that would’ve helped you bring out the emotion during the final refrain a lot more. It would’ve helped to vary the melody more, as well as play with the dynamic contrast and phrasing. I also thought the ending sounded a bit rushed. It’s usually a good idea to at least conclude the piece on the tonic. That said, I do admire your sense of harmony and rhythm, and the production quality was rather high. Overall solid work! Keep at it, SolarexMusic. ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.

Fake gchat noise at 2:40. Got me checking my tabs.

I really like these chords. I used to use them all the time. :> Also I think this song has more bass now. At least in the "chorus" sections, so good job.

Slightly funny that my song is all about bass and yours is all about the high end, despite being called "future bassy stuff" with "bass" as a tag.

Also dear god that's a lot of layered chaos in the high end. You've got a pretty cool melody on top of all the insanity. It's pretty neat.

Love the little nintendo-y transition thing at around 2 minutes. This song might not be my thing really, but it's definitely got its charm and I enjoyed it a lot.

KabukiTunes responds:

thanks dude! I'm listening through the playlist right now, can't wait to get to yours

How did I miss your track, Solarex? Gosh dang it!

Well, I'm here now, so time for comments...

Once again your sound design is astonishing! The synths are well designed and well chosen. I wouldn't expect any less from you!

You have a very nice floaty feel in the beginning, which I adore. When the drop hits, the mix becomes more full, but it still works nicely in the context of the track. Below me Sequenced complained about no low frequencies, but in my eyes that's not a bad thing, since too much low end would give your track a completely different feel from what you may or may not have intended. Love it!

This sounds like it could work well in a Geometry Dash level! The drop hits at around 0:50, which isn't too far from the ideal point of 0:45. It would work well in an easy level since it sounds so floaty, and you know what that means: I'M GOING TO MAKE THAT LEVEL HAPPEN RIGHT NOW

I'm not sure what to complain about, to be honest! At this point I can only think of minor nitpicks not major enough to talk about. Good job! Good luck in NGADM! :D

KabukiTunes responds:

thanks for your feedback! I'm gonna actually revisit the low end before the deadline, I can never really tell with my monitor setup. I appreciate your support!

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