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Oak - Mobius (NGADM'15)

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Oakwood - Mobius (Loop)

Entry for round 1 in the NGADM.

Here's a pop loop I composed in two weeks. I must say, I'm very proud of me pulling it off. The whole thing was a bitch to mix and it probably still sounds bad, but I've run out of time. I'm definately gonna make this a full song when the contest is over!
Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, I'd like to excuse myself for the gay lyrics. If there's anything that this project taught me, it's that I suck at singing:

Oh baby, you oughta know that my love for you ain't finite
Yeah baby, I need you so, want to kiss your lips at twilight

Yeah my love is infinite!

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This is an NGADM Round 1 Review


I feel like there are very few people on Newgrounds who can pull off this style of club/dance music like you can. You really have an aptitude for this stuff. You nail the buildup each time, have crystal clear mixes, and overall do a solid job with nearly every aspect. I also like that, unlike lots of dance music nowadays, this actually has a great, memorable melody, that isn't some stupid 1-bar hook that repeats for the whole track. Seriously, you have a wonderful hook here, and introduce it so well at 0:38 with that awesome percussion syncing.

If I had to mention any quirks, it would be that, firstly, the vocals didn't do it for me I'm afraid. Even with the heavy autotune and effects, the vocals felt more like a rushed last-minute addition than something that truly belongs in this track, mostly because they feel kinda held back and underwhelming. On an unrelated note, I think that beyond 0:38's melody (and of course your awesome synth work), you don't offer enough cool content to give this track any replay value. Once the hype of the buildup is over and you milk that melody enough times, I was hoping for some kind of awesome breakdown with a synth solo, glitching/sound design, a change in mood, or anything to catch the ear, but instead we got a relatively uninteresting and repetitive section that loops back to the beginning.

While I do have a few qualms with this track, I still think you executed it very well, and it was a fun listen overall. Thanks for taking part!


SCORE: 8.6/10

NGADM Review

So the track starts off super awesome and gives a lot of space to go in ANY direction really. You set yourself up really nicely. The part that starts at 0:38 is really awesome. The melodies in general a really awesome. I felt that the song was a little shorter than I would have liked though. From the beginning you had space to go in whatever direction you wanted like I said, but you didn’t seem to take advantage of that. With a track like this, there could have been so much more to do with it.
I felt that the vocals were mixed very sporadically throughout the track. Sometimes it sounded really nice, but other times it felt like it didn’t quite blend properly. The mix itself is really really clean! I think that it could have used more frequency range in the low-mids, but it wasn’t a huge issue. I think that the track could have sounded a lot bigger if it had this though. Also, the loop is very seamless. Nice work!



I love the mood at the beginning. You’ve left yourself a lot of space for climax and contrast. The vocals are cool, and you did nice work with chopping them up at :23 (and other places). I liked the melodies at :38 too. This piece has a really full texture and clean mix. It does get a little repetitive by the end, though, especially with the bridge-like section at 1:37 that essentially dragged on for 1/3 of the piece. I’m not sure I’d regard this as a truly structurally complete track, either. It only really has one “emotional height,” although I understand it was meant to loop and admittedly it does loop well. I love the upbeat mood and synths. The production quality is really high by my standards. Despite my criticism, I really admire the engaging and energetic qualities of this track. Nice job, LiquidOoze! ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.


Zoals de eerste comment al aangeeft, de lows zijn veel te zacht. Als je de sub echt veel harder had gemaakt was dit een beatport nummer 1 dance track geweest. De melodie is daarentegen echt heel goed en catchy. Vind de arp ook helemaal mooi. Sowieso zeer vet dat je zingt voor je eigen nummer, vind het wel bonus punten waard!

Oakwood responds:

Thanks man! Ja die sub, geen idee. Zoals ik al zei, de focus lag meer op melodie en structuur dan de sub. Bedankt voor de review!

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Aug 16, 2015
8:59 AM EDT
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