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This is the end credits theme from Bubbleboy (In Dreamland). It's a fun, and pretty deep/surreal game made by Chaz. It requires some skill and perseverance to beat, but it's a great experience. Have fun playing:


Lol, I am not instructed to make free ads for the game, but I honestly think it's brilliant, so I did it anyway XD

This is a short and cute little piano theme, which I based on one of the melodies in "Inner Eye", however in 3/4 form as opposed to 4/4 :3

Speaking of Inner Eye, there's more info in the description of that track. But remember that apart from most of my tracks, this one is © all rights reserved :p

If you liked this song, you can download it for no $_€ at my ultra super secret bandcamp that nobody knows about, because spies and such *cries*


Thanks a lot for listening!

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The melody is so pretty. It reminds me of canon in d at times.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm really happy with the melody. If it wasn't used in a game, I'd probably update the piano sound :)

I like how you took on a more you-sounding approach for the ending credits! It's beautiful and flowy and smooth and overall very LSD-ish. ;) By the end, it felt very conclusive as well, yet I also think you could've looped it. I'm sure it loops in the game (or does it?), but I certainly want it to play again, especially since it's so short! It's awesome that you were asked to make music for this game, though. I'm looking forward to playing it, maybe on my laptop since (news flash: Internet Explorer sucks). DX Keep at it, LSD! ^^

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah. Out of the three tracks I made, this is the only one that would kinda work as a stand-alone. Chaz basically told me to do whatever I wanted for the credits, so I took one of the melodies from "Inner Eye", and made it longer, and 3/4.

The reason it feels so conclusive, is probably because I made it just long enough for it to end by the "fin" in the credits ;)
Which is also why I didn't loop it. Originally, Chaz asked for a 15 second loop, but I extended it to last the whole credits instead (though this track can loop perfectly at 3 spots).

Thank you for your support :3
Surprisingly enough, the first track actually loops better inside the game (probably because it's not in mp3 format), and I think that the tracks are better in context.


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, dude! :D

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