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This is an ambient boss battle theme. One of the most common genres in the universe. It was composed for Chaz's game, Bubbleboy. Check it out on Newgrounds!


This track is meant for that game only, and thus there is no creative commons license this time. More boring info in the "Inner Eye" track's description :p

If you want to download the track (for free), take and visit my lonely bandcamp, would you ;)


Thanks a lot for listening!


This is a brilliant track, the instrumentals mesh in harmony to give an scary feel of a dungeon. I downloaded the track but couldn't modify the names or any other contents, which made organizing them a mess until I had decided to delete it, could this issue be fixed or is intentional? (My reason for mentioning this is because you linked your bandcamp)

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

That's odd? You should definitely be able to modify the names and such. I downloaded the album myself to try it out, and I could definitely modify the names. If you want to modify the other information (though I don't see why that would be necessary) you might beed a "tagging" software. That aside, did you remember to extract the zip-file? If the tracks where still inside the zip when you tried to edit the information, that might be a problem.
Either way, thank you for reviewing!

Again, I love the sound design here. It loops flawlessly, and the big, spacey percussion is really cool. I thought that the rhythms you used, especially across the various instruments, were a little convoluted. I wasn't sure if you were trying to emphasize the downbeat or the offbeat more. However, I will also say that I thought the string-sounding instrument in the background was perhaps the most elegant thing about this piece, and I think you should've brought it further up in the mix. Great work again, LSD. ;D

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Reviewing faster than I can respond, hahha XD
This one does indeed loop flawlessly, when the previous one only almost does. The sound design is a bit similar to the stuff you might hear in The Binding of Isaac, I've been told.

As for the rhythms, I kinda agree. But it's also intentional. I wanted it to sound a bit weird, rhythmically (maybe it makes more sense if you actually fight the boss in the game, as none of these are supposed to be standalone tracks). I even use two different rhythms at the same time, if I can explain it like such.

Interesting that you'd mention that altered string. I think it was the original base of the track. It was way louder at first, but I felt like it distracted from other important elements of the piece, so I didn't want it to overpower them too much. But maybe that was a mistake?

Thanks again, dude! :D

I accidentally listened to this for 3 hours straight. Great loop!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

30 seconds... For 3 hours? WAT o.O?

Thanks a lot!! But I mean... 3 hours... Wow... Tbh, I am impressed :D

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