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What first seems to be a gentle piano driven background soon turns out to be a powerful glorious full orchestra epic piece filled with emotions mixed with touching melody and inspiring tunes!

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This is a NGADM Round 1 Review.


- Solid introduction, it truly lays the foundation of the theme and overall feel of the track.
- Wonderful orchestration (the strings, piano and choirs work together beautifully).
- As pointed out already, suitable for lots of things (game, film, TV, etc.)

You have made a really pretty track, it sounds inspirational and it does evoke emotion as well! I like how you introduce each instrument into the track -- you do so in a soft way, that flows nicely with the pacing of the song. I can definitely picture this in a variety of different scenarios: games, films, TV series, you name it! You have definitely accomplished what you set out to do!

What to consider:
- This piece is quite generic.
- The conclusion needs a little more attention.
- The mix is a bit hit-and-miss!

Since this piece would work well in lots of different forms of entertainment and media (which is a good thing), it stands as a fairly generic piece. Very cookie-cutter. As a result, it represents a double-edged sword! The composition could make use of a stronger melody (use that piano) to evoke emotions through more variety! The overall production is great, but the piano becomes lost in the mix when you bring in the percussion, strings and the choir.

The conclusion could be far more grand, I think! Perhaps you could consider utilizing the choir and the strings to build up to a climax and then softly finish with the piano. The possibilities are really endless.

Keep at it, Marterro!

Score: 7.8/10

This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
Final score: 8
Composition: 7
Mix: 9

The orchestration is really good in this, each instrument is allowed to show its identity and it's not over-loaded with details which allows the theme of the piece to come through fully.
However this was a really "safe" composition, generic is a word I've seen thrown around. You pulled off this style really well and I'm sure it would place really well in games/TV/film but for listening purposes I find it a little lacklustre in terms of composition.

The mix is really clear and full sounding, your instruments sound lovely and you programmed them well. No complaints here except maybe I would have wanted a bit more impact at times, such as when the drum rolls come in and the cymbals crash to show transitions.


I love the warm string sound at the beginning, and the strings compliment the pensive piano very nicely. The climax is great into :28, but it greatly saddens me that the piano just gets eaten up the strings at that point – I can barely hear it! I think you need to do some more careful equalizing, and perhaps some panning and compressing too, in order to make sure that the piano stays cleanly in the mix. I liked how you incorporated the choir later on in the piece. It really gave it a solid sense of direction. The ending was a bit underwhelming. You kind of went right to the last note from the emotional height of the piece. The bridge at :55 was also a little bland and flat. You could’ve done a TON more with that part, but instead you simply repeated the same arpeggio-based riff for 30 seconds. I would’ve at least added some filters/volume automations to make it seem climactic. Still, I admire your sense of harmony and progression. After you fix the mixing issues and add some more structural contrast, this’ll be a really solid piece! Keep at it, man. ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.

This is a lovely piece of orchestration, and I am always a sucker for anything with such lovely piano strains. It was understandable, but I was admittedly a little bummed to hear the piano be so utterly overcome by the strings and such quite early on. Then the choir began to sing and it filled the void left by the lack of piano pretty nicely. :)

Overall, the music sounds beautiful and has a particular emotional quality that I tend to like. At the same time, the core melodies and progressions sound very much like something that I have heard before and even used myself, which is what ends up making it come off as being somewhat generic. And anyone who knows me will tell you how very much I hate the g-word...just ask Step!

There is so much potential in this, though! Good heavens. Just when I think it's sweeping up into an epic crescendo....it ends! "What? No. No no no no no No NO! It cannot end like that, not just when it's getting so good! But, but...it's the perfect transition into a key change! And that's it? Why...?" And so it simply ends too soon, so much potential left untapped, and I am left to write my review--wishing and hoping that you might choose to do more with this! To expand upon it and build it into the mighty saga it could become. There is still time. Make an ending worthy of the greatest, most-emotional saga ever told.

In conclusion, it remains a wonderful piece of music. But it is an egg, a tiny fragile thing that could be - should be - nurtured into something great! A bird? Perhaps. But if so, why not a phoenix? Or even a mighty dragon! For now it is too short and over far too soon, but there remains the very familiar-sounding core element that could really shine with some variation and something a bit more...unexpected.

I truly do hope that you are able to work on this more and tease it into something still grander and more imposing. Wishing you the best of luck! ^__^

Marterro responds:

Thanks for taking time to give such an overall feedback! Such reviews are the best source of information for me and I will definitely follow your advice and expand the track if I have time!

nice and generic

my style

Marterro responds:


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Aug 13, 2015
6:49 AM EDT
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