Amarelo Preto (Blackanese)


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So this is my submission for the NGAUC Underdogs section. I highly doubt I'm going to win, but I managed to do this with the support of my amazing friends and family and so I really hope this goes far for them more than myself.

Special mentions to:

Mariam Kielany, the bae who gave me the idea for the song name and has generally been awesome throughout the production of this and other songs.

Ryan Duarte for that super soulful sample you hear in it that just enhances the song for me.

@TaintedLogic for putting up with my daily bombardment of questions and worries and for even letting me know about this competition. You rock, bro.

And thanks to everyone else who has helped me.

Plus you listeners. Because you're the people who deserve the most thanks and get none for it.



Sounds really smooth and like something I would listen to while roaming around at night.

DeadlyAlchemy responds:

That's the aim ^_^ I'm glad you liked it. Hope to make more like this at some point, just not sure when.

Sounds so smooth :D and nothing is crashing into each other just great :D keep it up and this is one good piece and many more i hope to come :D if you find a singer this would even be better but this is so smooth so nice and nothing is to loud and nothing is that fat that it makes your head hurt i give it a 4.5 and a 5.5 :D

DeadlyAlchemy responds:

Thanks man! Your reviews are greatly appreciated :)

== This is an NGAUC Knock-Out Round Review ==

This is a super interesting and cool piece. It has a really unique, chillout vibe that makes it stand out from most of the other tracks in the NGAUC, and that is very cool. The piano chords have a great jazzy, relaxed vibe to them.

You have a great ear for samples, and the ones that you selected work together magnificently to create a piece that’s way more than the sum of its parts.

The arrangement is really interesting to me. I don’t really get bored listening to this piece, which is especially interesting considering that not too much happens in this piece - it keeps the same piano chords, vocal melody etc. throughout the whole song. You do a really good job of adding and removing small elements like percussion, piano solos, and so forth to keep interest.

However, while I don’t really get *bored* listening to this piece, I’m not really *interested* by the arrangement either, since again, not too much happens. This I’m not going to let you off the hook for! I think that additional sections in this piece - with different instrumentation, ideally - would make it a lot more interesting.

I am somewhat indifferent on the piano soloing. I think it’s a great idea and adds a lot of interest to the arrangement, but the actual melody itself could be a bit more evocative. At times, it also sounds off beat.

I’ve noticed a few problems with the mix. I’ll go ahead and list them off. First, those piano chords. They sound really deep and reverbed, and I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of how they’re presented: they sound a bit muddy to me, and they make the mix feel muddy as well. They also obscure the baseline pretty badly. I didn’t even realize there was one until I looped the song and heard it before the piano dominated it. (The bass at 1:40 has a bit more presence, however.) Unfortunately, since the whole song is built around these chords, this is a pretty big hit - I think with a different timbre it could have been much better. The soulful vocal is a very cool touch, but it’s desperately in need of reverb and/or delay: it’s far too dry in the mix, and that makes it jar. The percussion is pretty well mixed, with the exception of the kick drum, which I have difficulty hearing because of the piano/bass combination.

This is a really interesting piece - keep it up.

Score: 6.5

Mini-Scores (see here: http://johnfn.newgrounds.com/news/post/936953):
* Composition: 3/4
* Arrangement: 2/4
* Mixing: 2/4

DeadlyAlchemy responds:


Even so, I'm really happy with a score of 6.5 considering I managed to make this in 2 days.
I'm certainly going to take notes and fix this up because it's one of my better songs and it always has the potential to be better with improvement, so thank you for taking the time to listen and give such a thorough review.

Hey there. Some general commentary on your song for NGAUC.

-Aw man, the first thing I notice is that nice low-fi piano. I thought it was bad that it was buried at first, but it started working a bit more afterwards. It does start getting more battered later as more instruments come in, so I'm gonna have to ding a mixing point there.
-Cool drums, though they cause a few issues in mixing.
-That super clear voice contrasts the rest of the piece it's almost not even funny.
-Really nice-feeling chord progression, honestly. I like it a lot.
-The shaker could have been done a bit better. It definitely shows that it's just one sample as it's played and brought out around 2 minutes.
-This song desperately needed some kind of melody and variation throughout. It sounds nice, it's just not particularly interesting to listen to overall. More the kind of thing I'd imagine as background music if the piano were mixed a bit better.

Final score: 6.4/10

DeadlyAlchemy responds:

All of this is so true :(

I seriously need to learn how to mix things better, this is causing me serious issues with my scores xD

I like this! Never heard of the competition but I hope you win lol.
It's a cool song. It's not upbeat and hyper, and it doesn't try to be. It's wonderfully chill, the kind of music I can play in the background and relax to. Keep up the good work mate!

DeadlyAlchemy responds:

Thank you so much :) It means a lot to me, and I'll certainly try to make more like this in the future. Your support is appreciated!

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