A Little Dream (Original)

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(If you use headphones I'm sure the experience will be better :) )

This piece is called "A Little Dream" and is a collab with peachymaiden! and also the second composition we make together :D

We made this wanting it to be a love song :)

It's our song for the NGAUC knock-out round!

The voice, lyrics, and cello, are all made by peachy, and the piano, strings, and flute, from me.

Maybe this is when you notice
That the world around you is spinning
So fast that you don’t know where to turn or when to breathe
But that’s okay; we will be brave

A selfish little wish
Born from a heart so cold it can’t melt
Even when your smile is as bright as the sun

You shine so bright, so why am I still cold to the touch?

I’m sure that the love in this body of mine
Will break free and reach out to stop you in time
Before it’s too late and you’re out of my sight
Anything to stop another dreamless night

Maybe this is when I realize
That it doesn’t get better at all
No matter how much I dream and wish for it,
It wasn’t meant for me- That perfect little dream

A selfish little sigh
You asking me if everything’s all right
You’re only aggravating the wound, you know.

You care so much, it hurts...deep inside to the depths of my heart

I’m sure that the love in this body of mine
Was meant as irony from somewhere on the other side
I’m thinking how great it’d be to never wake up
Just as the real you pulls me into a hug

Hope you all like it, see you!


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Wow, great job! Haven't heard a song this awesome in a long time. The quality and the flow is just impeccable, the times when the mood changes are beautiful. I'd say the weakest part is the first 30 seconds, because it's just well done, not absolutely amazing like the rest, but I guess that's a wonderful problem to have :)

In the category of "johnfn's biggest NGAUC disappointments", coming in at a 2000 pt score, what is Jabicho and Peachymaiden not making it to the finals? This song is not perfect - the mixing, while better, still needs a lot of work - but it is still a fantastic piece! It's just beautiful - the composition is, again, excellent, and I absolutely love the live cello. I'm wondering if the slower pace dragged it down a little in score, though it doesn't personally bother me all too much.

Keep it up, you guys! My hypothetical overall score for this one would be something like 9 - 9.5/10

Jabicho responds:

Thanks johnfn! :D I learnt a lot from your mixing suggestions in this song and the previous one! (and I'm still learning)
And thanks for the review! I'm happy you like this song! it means a lot :)
I'm very thankul for all your words! (I'm sure peachy too!) :D

I love the emotion and flow of this piece. You added an appropriate amount of reverb, and the cello and piano compliment each other marvelously. I think you needed a stronger transition into :33 (when the vocals come in), though. The lyrics are beautifully written, and the vocals have a bright, organic sound to them that compliments the instrumentals really well. They might've been a bit too loud, though. If I had to suggest dialing back the reverb at all, it would be on the vocals. I also think that, while 2:15 offers a great sense of structural relief and also mood shift, the vocals maintained the bright and hopeful vibe even though the lyrics themselves didn't suggest that that should've been the case. I must say that I really admire your ability to record layered vocals, though. I've tried this, and I know it can be very hard. The last line felt like a fitting conclusion, though, and I love the smooth-flowing nature of this piece. The verses have a sort of natural structural ebb and flow to them, and I can tell you that (even without headphones) the production is really solid! Great work, you two! Keep it up. ;D


Jabicho responds:

Thanks TaintedLogic!
Your words mean a lot to us! I told peachy about the review you gave us, and I'm sure she'll be very happy to read you when she gets to check it out!

Thanks again! We're very thankul for your time and help!
And we'll improve our future songs thanks to your suggestions! :D

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Jul 28, 2015
12:32 AM EDT
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