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Children of Gravity

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This is probably one of my best pieces musically that I've compose in the last 12 years. I am entering this track for The Newgrounds Audio Underdogs Contest. I don't know if my fanbase is still around but I'm damn sure trying to resurrect it ! I've put out 2 albums that are fully stream able on my bandcamp handle. I truly appreciate those who enjoy my stuff and will try diligently this time to make it consistent. This song goes all over musically, but goes very hard. \m/


Hey mate, really cool stuff! It's got a really dream theater-y vibe to it. My observations would have to do with your drum and orchestra vst's and your mixing. Your drums lack dynamics, when it comes to high hat/ride 16th notes it shows very much it's a vst. I'd suggest trying out ezdrummer or superior drummer 2 they kick ass. Your choir vst well it just shows that it's fake, and since you are composing this good i would very highly suggest you invested in a proper libraly as EWQL, you need it man..seriously.

As far as your mixing goes, well, it's kind of a mess because you have sooooooooo many things going on. some are cleverly put to place and i can hear them through panning left and right, but mixing isn't all about panning, you should check out what's going on frequency wise. In order to be able to hear clearly what's going on you need to not occupy the same frequency with too many instruments. Because there are parts where everything is on top of each other and just adding reverb or makin it louder doesn't solve the problem that you got a bunch of organs screaming to be heard.
Sorry if i sounded harsh but i believe that since you put actual effort and thinking into your music you should hear these things and get even better, you care and it shows.
Keep it up lad, cheers!

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Crueldeity responds:

Thank you Nick for the incredibly thoughtful review! I agree 100% about mixing, In fact I may decide to get someone else or other service to master my finals. Mastering songs is something I, (still after years), struggle to get quite right and yes, I am undecided when I go about placement within the track. It also doesn't help that I am( was) currently using terrible headphones to mix everything. Perhaps this is where I take a miss-step, but I do love East West products and as soon as I can comfortably afford so I would definitely like to invest in some more serious VST's from them.
I do appreciate your analysis and do intend to make an effort on instrument placement/leveling in my future musical endeavors heh. Cheers indeed! \m/

== This is an NGAUC Audition Round Review. ==

Holy crap! This is easily the most ambitious piece of the round (though I'd keep an eye out for Birdinator and TylerSchrader). It goes ALL OVER THE PLACE, from a 2 minute orchestral opening that reminds me a lot of some of the old SimCity music to INSANE HEAVY METAL RIFFING to chill breakdowns, but it all sounds very coherent. The transitions never jarred me or took me by (unpleasant) surprise. So that is all very impressive. However, the ambition of this piece is also the biggest flaw. Since the piece is so long, there are points where the mix deteriorates (though, admittedly, for 90%+ of the song, the mix is solid). The biggest problem, though, is the composition: the melodies seem to be pretty random, and I probably would have difficulty remembering one after the song was over. Still, though, this piece is pretty darn impressive. Score: 8.0

Mini-scores (See http://johnfn.newgrounds.com/news/post/936953 for what this means and how to improve)
* Composition: 2/4
* Arrangement: 3/4
* Mixing: 3/4

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Crueldeity responds:

Wow thank you sir! I will try to work on melody cohesion more as my work progresses. I do thank you for the incredible depth of review for my song. This type of feedback is very helpful for really honing my sound. Thanks Johnfn! \m/

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Jul 15, 2015
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