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Orbital Crises


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Made in about 2 hours.

I had an absolute blast with this one. It encapsulates my free style of 'having no genre' perfectly.

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The synth at the beginning had a cool melody, but the instrument itself was rather high-pitched and harsh-sounding. I think you should transpose that down an octave. I thought a lot of your other instruments were quirky and maybe even bizarre. This track is missing a lot of bass tones, though. You have a kick in there, but no other bass lines to keep the chords grounded. It seems rather pizzicato-based, which isn't that bad in and of itself, but with such a fast-paced and variational track such as you have here, it can be hard to follow the progression sometimes. I like the mood a lot, though, as well as a lot of the isolated riffs. You have a good sense of rhythm and harmony. I liked the ending, although the last note was a bit too dry to be quite...well...conclusive enough. Sounds like you need some reverb and/or echo effects in there, just to give it that extra finishing touch. I admire your ability to dabble across genres with this one, though. It's very unique and creative. It's not the most coherent piece, though, which, again, makes it a bit structurally confusing. You change up the beat and the melody a lot, for example. Still, a couple of easy fixes would make this piece a lot better: again, transposing some of the rather so-high-they're-in-your-face melodies down an octave. Also, I think you needed more bass tones in this piece, but the sub-bass you bring in at 2:08 for maybe 20 seconds is still too loud. XD I would recommend adjusting the volume levels on your instruments while wearing headphones - that might help you fix some balancing issues as well. The mixing, however, was overall rather solid. Very interesting piece here, Dubwolfer. Keep up the good work! ;D


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Dubwolfer responds:

Oh thank you so much for the feedback! I see exactly what you are saying and will try to tweak it a bit.

A quick note, I'm actually currently producing with an iPhone app called Beatwave, because currently it's really all I have legal access to. But, like always, no matter what I use my goal will be to try and show that money doesn't indicate quality, and if you try hard enough you can make something of equal or even greater value than even the big boys in the industry.

:) This was super helpful I'll see if I can record it again with this in mind.

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Jul 15, 2015
5:05 AM EDT
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