Portal Platformin' (Ver. 2)

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Here's the second version that uses the main theme of the flash game "Apples in the Tree".
You know those kinda levels that magically appear just when you think you're about to fight the final boss? Well, it's that kinda level again. This is a rhythmic level, where you are constantly running, jumping, etc. to the music. Feel free to guess which songs were covered or follow along in the description.
0:04 -- "Following Your Star" (Bullet Heaven) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/566417
-This may be the beginning of your race to the finish, but it's not the easiest! Keep running forward through the forest as you slash through slimes, avoid projectiles, and gain exp!
0:45 -- "Underground" (Fancy Pants Adventures 2) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/420606
-Suddenly, you managed to fall into a hole masked by leaves! You're constantly shielding your face as you hit the rocks and stones that surround you. Then, a slippery slope was there to break your fall! You now regain your balance and continue running through the cave, hopping from the heads of spiders, jumping from loop to loop, without a care for what's ahead! ("I don't care what lies ahe-ad! No time for guessin' follow-)
1:09 -- "Where the World Begins and Ends" (Apples in the Tree) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/547881
-You find yourself running out of the entrance of the cave, and the rocks get lighter in tone, and sunlight emerges. You now find yourself running among that of a town, dodging and skipping over pumpkins.
*Spoiler: In the game, there's a kid who apparently plays guitar. You apparently borrowed it, and have to return it, but he gives you quite the attitude when you do. Depending on what you do, you'll find yourself in sadness, or content in revenge. I decided to add in a guitar to this part to properly, yet slightly reference this.
(Originally, I had the overworld theme you usually hear in the game, but when I decided to look at the credits a bit more, I realized that the user didn't create the song! I was a little annoyed for not knowing before, so I looked for the second most memorable song in the game, and used that. I'll probably upload another version of this with the main theme you hear. This'll be done immediately when the contest is over.)
1:45 -- "Chaoz Fantasy" (ParagonX9) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/85046
-You reach a boat, but trip over a rock, and you find yourself underwater! Even though you're speed-swimming through a small world of Newgrounds, things are still relatively calm. Continue to swim on your journey forever to the right (while dodging coral walls of course).
-Additionally, from what I know, the artist just disappeared outta nowhere, and hasn't been found on the internet since then. I found that kinda sad, so I ended up adding an underwater part to this running adventure and used the most popular song to match how I felt about that.
2:57 -- "Endless Handbag" '98 (Newgrounds Theme) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/18731
-You have come ashore -- but you aren't on a beach. You're just where you started, 'cept that final level troll portal's gone. All that's left is to head into the final door to stop whatever's messin' with Newgrounds!
-I was never really aware that Newgrounds had its own theme. It's crazy to think it dates all the way back to 1998! Anyway, the song is pretty catchy. At first, I wanted to replicate the old sound you hear in the original, but I ultimately decided against it. I figured it'd be best to keep the sounds new.
3:56 -- That's the level clear tune. You (temporarily) did it! Now go save the servers, or something.
19 hrs. and 15 min. were spent with this one.

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