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Author Comments

My entry for the NG Deserted Island Contest!

First of all I need to clarify that I don't normaly swing in this kind of music, but I do listen to epic soundtracks and sad songs so I wasn't entirely empty on ideas.

Secondly, Thanks to this track I realised how little I am actualy efficient when it comes to working with wav samples, scaling, editing, fading and etc...

I gotta thank Samulis for forcing me to work with a limited suply of samples because making this track was a wonderful new experience for me and I DID LEARN SOMETHING FROM IT.

samples used

glock medium c6-01
trumpet loud f5 1
celloEns_spic_c1 v2
celloEns_spic_c1 v2 EDITED to different sound
KSHARP_A2_f1 EDITED to a different sound



never heard a classical/cinematic piece from you before

very nice work!

I love the sense of mystery at the beginning. Small detail: the flute cuts off a little suddenly at :23. Maybe you should use some reverb and/or release modifications to smooth that out a bit. The cello at :58 was an interesting edition to the texture. It kind of made the mysterious mood seem a bit darker. I like the distortion around 1:20, but I think the energy at 1:36 was a little inappropriate for the tranquil harmonies. It has a very interesting progression. The part at 2:15 that essentially functions as a coda appears a bit abruptly, though. I think you could've at least used a crash there, as I naturally expected the cello's sticky staccatos to be on the downbeat as well, and they weren't. Overall, I like it, but I think you could've done more with this piece. I would've liked to see some greater climaxes and drama. It has character to it, but in all honesty I think it needed more. I hope this helped. Keep up the good work, Deshiel! ;)

Deshiel responds:

I have a personal problem of lack of attachment to my project that goes on from the beginning of my wannabe music career. It's like I want to do so much, but I don't have enough patience for better quality or progression. I actualy registered on myself that I do increase the time and effort I give to my projects, but I still have a certain distaste in coming back to them with fresh head, so I usualy wrap things up too soon.

This was a slightly different case. This time I had several differen motivations which kept me going.
Like I said in the description, I don't walk easy in the lands of classical music so figuring out the composition (I didn't browse for Ideas, I wanted it to be my head only) was pretty hard, because I don't know the cool tactics. I composed this by experimenting with what would those samples sound like if I played them in a different note in piano roll. When I liked the result, I would record it and I would imidiately get 10x ideas on how to make it connect. I seem to be in luck (judging by the responses of the people I discussed personal creativity). I seem to have easier time coming up with melodies and acompanying sub melodies. (dunno how you call support melodies and etc)

My bigest challenge here was to work with Samulis' samples.

There were no drums, which (for me) were always the crucial part in my composition and unlike Lich and some other pros I didn't know how to make my own from the samples.
I did come close but it still sounded too timpany and too little drum so I ditched it.

Lots of the samples were too long for short sections so I had to figure out how to manualy cut and then fade in/out the cut samples to make them sound legit. The flute in :23 is a sample cutt for short melodies but it lacked the lenght for that one note to finish it. I was so frustrated by the thought of having to cutt it again and set the fading that I allowed it to remain.

This is because I didn't realy have big experience with wav moding in this kind of way and I had to learn it all on my own by going Full Dee Dee on all those buttons that Dexter didn't want me to push before I figured how it works. By the time I was applying my new knowledge on the samples that needed editing, I was soo flushed that I tried to do everything in first try and I hated fixing.

Thanks for your review. I am glad that you and the rest feel some potential from it. It realy motivates me to try to do this again, with more effort and dedication. ;) Cheers

I share similar sentiments with Mattashi on this one in regards to the style-- a bit surprising from you. The atmosphere you're able to provide with these samples gives this track a sense of mystery.

I've never heard something from you in this kind of style and I gotta say I enjoyed this a lot! It sounds a bit haunting and sad in a way. The Cello spiccato that came later in the song sounds alright but at some parts it sounds a bit out of tune with the other instruments.
I hope you continue and write a few more like these in the future :D

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Deshiel responds:

I might. :) I entered this contest mainly to give myself a reason to make a music like this, because I was curious whether I can do it or not. My life goal is to be able to make brutal trailer music, but to do that you have to invest your time in many genres, so this was my try at conquering a yet another genre that I do not usualy do. :)

It's not perfect, but for me it is a proof that I can give a shot to next and better pieces. :)

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4.42 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2015
3:55 PM EDT
File Info
5.5 MB
2 min 25 sec

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