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Galantis- (U & I) (Instrumental Remix)

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High Quality, WAV file download of this and the instrumental version here on my soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/nevomusic-2

The instrumental to my new remix of U & I by Galantis. This is my first ever Melodic Dubstep track. I plan to do lots more like this so give it a download, and be sure to follow me for future releases!


It doesn't sound like the original one but I still enjoy listening to this. Its a good song

NevoMusic responds:

Thanks! :)

Interesting, quirky synth in the beginning, and the piano sounds pretty nice. Could use just a tad of modulation so it doesn't sound like a midi. Chords are all pretty (I actually think you could stand to make the -- it sounds like saws -- stand out more), and everything seems mixed pretty well. I like the sort of delicacy of the tracks as a whole, as well as returning to the same themes throughout. It's one of the most sensitive ways I've seen dubstep handled, and it still keeps the punch of the genres as a whole. At 2:22, you could have just hammered it home rather than feeling like another buildup was necessary. Would have been just as satisfying. Great work!

Thanks for the request!

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NevoMusic responds:

Thanks so much for the review! You've given me some great insight. I'm glad I made a request!

I like the quirky instrument at the beginning. It progresses pretty slowly. I think you need a smoother transition at :27. Also, the synth you introduce there sounds really harsh and high-pitched. I think you need to equalize it more carefully to get rid of some of those treble tones. I liked the riser building up to :55, and the drop was cool without being overly heavy. You change moods dramatically at 1:25. One second it's heavy, punchy electronica, and then the next it's light, flowing piano music. I think you should've at least used the "softer" version of the lead at 1:37 to sort of connect the drop and the breakdown section a bit more. I think the middle minute or so of this piece offered some highly-valued structural relief, though, which is good. One major complaint I have is that you don't really bring any fresh ideas to the piece after the breakdown. The two drops sound exactly the same, and this is a repetitive piece regardless because the lead riff that first comes in at :00 is playing for almost the entire piece. I think the mixing wasn't bad, and I like the way the arpeggios sort of pulse in and out at :27 (and other places). Still, this piece is severely lacking in melodic development and overall variation. It's structurally sound, though, with some cool instruments and moods. I also like the effects at 3:15 (and other places). Overall, pretty solid work. Keep at it, NevoMusic. ;)


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NevoMusic responds:

Thanks a bunch for the review! There was lots of helpful feedback there, if I make it to the next round I'll certainly try to incorporate everything you've pointed out. I agree that this track lacks melodic development, I should have made some type of melody or something to help this song progress a bit better. I'm glad you liked many of my effects, this was one of the first songs I made my own effects for. Also at around 2:48 I changed the automation for about 8 or 16 bars of the drop(I don't remember which), but the change was very subtle and I expect no one other than those who read this to tell the difference.
Anyways, thanks for the review. I'm very pleased with 7.5 out of 10!

Wonderfull work dude <3

NevoMusic responds:

Thanks so much!! I appreciate the response. :)

the song itself was not 5 stars but the effort put into it was 90% better than everybody else

NevoMusic responds:

Thanks for the review! This song took a lot of effort on my part, especially because I have never done anything quite like it before! Thank you for the kind words.

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Jun 4, 2015
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