Radiant Cascade

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This is an entry to RealFaction's NIM Contest - a video game song based on the music of Waterflame! It initially started as an attempt to write a song in the style of Waterflame, but it gradually floated towards the style of songs like Clouds, Jumper, Orange, etc.

I really like the composition of this song. I think it has some of my catchiest melodies and some of my most vibrant instrumentation. The chord progression is pretty cliche and repetitive, but the thing is, this is THE Waterflame chord progression. Many of his most famous songs use this progression solely. It was literally the first place that I started. I hope that, before grading the chord progression, people can realize that the purpose behind it was to emulate Waterflame, not to have a completely original one.

I also know this is miles off any work done by people with more experience, but personally, I'm also quite proud of the mixing in this piece. I think it's some of the best I've ever done as well, and I tried out many new techniques I never have before.

Anyways, thanks for dropping by and listening! Hope you enjoyed it! :D


Edit 5/30 - Change file name from 'Radiant Rush' (one of its WIP names) to 'Radiant Cascade' (its actual name).


Catchy Indeed, this melody sounds familiar, I just cant put my finger on it! well done!

LunacyEcho responds:

The hallmark of a good melody is sounding familiar and original at the same time. :P

Thanks for listening and commenting!

I like the melody at the beginning. The synths might be a little high-pitched, but that wasn't a huge problem once the bass and beat came in and balanced out the texture a bit. The chord progression was a bit cliché, I agree, but you did do an admirable job of imitating Waterflame's style. This is a cute song with a lot of awesome melodies and fun riffs. I think it could've benefitted from some reverb, however. Also, the ending was a bit sudden. The mixing wasn't bad, though, but I think it'd be much cleaner if you used something besides Garageband. Maybe this summer would be a good opportunity for you to experiment more with FL Studio! :D I also have to say that I really liked the snare sample in this piece: it's sharp and bassy, yet also bouncy and buoyant. Overall, nice work LE! ;D Enjoy your hw-free week! ^^

LunacyEcho responds:

=> high-pitched synths =>

Yeah, that was a problem I was having. I wanted to clean up the mix and take johnfn's advice about having more higher frequencies than lower ones, but in the end, the higher frequencies started sounding REALLY cluttered. I guess I still ought to change a few things. :P

=> reverb =>

Haha, reverb is an effect I've been really reticent to use after my three contest-written songs last year, which all featured WAY too much reverb. WAY too much.

=> Garageband =>

Oh, I haven't actually used Garageband to write a piece in a long time! I think 'Crunch' was the last Garageband-written piece. Sorry for not making that clearer! I've been using Logic Pro X for over half a year now, and I'm really satisfied with the results. :)

=> snare sample =>

A while ago, I found some drum samples on Youtube that I've been using ever since. Sadly, I can't exactly tell you where to find them, since I've forgotten, but on my desktop, they're labeled as "Krux Samples". :/ They're really good, though! And I've been trying to do them justice for at least a year now. :D

Thanks for the review! I'll be enjoying my hw-free week by putting out much more music during it! :D

Hey! Don't diss on cheap keyboards, RealFaction!
And also, I've heard Waterflame use the same kinds of synth sounds, so I think it fits really well :p

Ehh, I guess you already know my thoughts on this piece. But I guess I'll leave a small hello on the piece anyway :)

Hello :D!

LunacyEcho responds:

Hello! :D

Sorry I didn't use 'Recalescent Ocean' as the title, but I wanted the title to be reflective of a game level, like RealFaction suggested. I did try and keep your suggestion of having elements of both 'water' and 'flame' in the title, though! Thanks for that!

Definitely hearing Waterflame in this. Very hoppy and happy!

I entered the contest as well. May the best song win! (you've totally got me beat though ^^;)

LunacyEcho responds:

Hey, thanks for listening! I've heard your entry, and damn. It sounds so epic! I've also always loved ParagonX9's music. Luckily, we've entered these songs in different categories. Although, you never know what I may be doing for my next two submissions... and I never know what you may be doing for any further submissions... We'll see. ;)

I'm trying to figure out how to put all this in words, i like it in general, but I feel some of it feels too much like listening to one of those electric keyboards (cheaper ones) with the synths used here. I like some of the synths, but most of them I feel just..It feels like i'm listening to a MIDI file almost. It has potential, I like the drums and some of the synths, but could use some work. Good job though.

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LunacyEcho responds:

To be honest, these synthesizers wouldn't have been my first choices had I been making this song from scratch. However, because these are the kind of synths Waterflame used to use, I decided to use them to further show the influence of Waterflame on my song. I guess I was inspired a little *too* hard. :P

Thanks for reviewing the track! And basically reviewing everything in this competition. Man, you're like a machine!

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May 29, 2015
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