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A peaceful and uplifting track, kind of a little brother to Leaving, but with a much more positive mood. Also submitted to the Summoner Of Sounds' first challenge at RMN.

Fun fact (well, not that fun, actually) : I exported the mastered track literally ten seconds before receiving a call announcing some really bad news about someone in my family... The contrast was somehow shocking.

Instruments : Shire Whistle, Blakus Cello, Friedlander Violin, Berlin Grand Piano, Independence Free (guitar), FrozenPlain's Music Box, Spitfire Labs' Bike Bells
Orchestra : CineSymphony LITE, Sync'd Cymbals Plus, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra

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Wow, the atmosphere the track transports is great! It reminds me of the Ordon village theme from Twilight Princess. Were all of the instruments (VSTs) free? They sound pretty good! I'm surprised, because I only made bad experiences with them so far.
Very beautiful.

Ylmir responds:

Thanks a lot for your message ! :)
Actually, the only ones I got for free in the list are Independence Free (which is, as stated in its name, free), and Bike Bells from Spitfire, which is now part of their LABS program (this one has been free for some weeks as a christmas gift for their customers). All the others are paid ones.

oh maan, this gets me those Nostalgia feels when i played Final Fantasy back in the day, those songs in the game were something i never forget, i get that same nostalgia feeling from this, amazing work sir! best of luck in the competition.
- Pandasticality

Ylmir responds:

Thanks a lot ! Actually, I spent so much time playing to Final Fantasy games when I was younger, I'm almost sure my music is sometimes influenced by Uematsu's work for these games.
But actually, for this one, I think it's closer to Log Horizon's soundtrack, which had a very similar pace - Log Horizon (season one, I haven't seen the second one yet) is one of my favorite animes because of its general atmosphere, and the soundtrack really contributes to it ("Minori To Touya" or "Akiba no Machi" are good examples). Although my track is not as complex composition-wise and perhaps slightly more melancholic, I think the inspiration came from there, so I'm pretty sure you may like the tracks I mentioned ;)

A very beautiful track indeed. You earned yourself a new fan :3

Ylmir responds:

Thanks a lot, and welcome ! :p

This is really pretty. Very.. homey X3 I'm actually considering using for my Deception Jam entry, but only if you approve, of course.

Ylmir responds:

Of course, go ahead ! :)
And thanks for your message !

Yes Yes very nice, sounds very professional, and absolutely sublime. I love how perfectly it loops! Practically unnoticeable! I really need some decent orchestral libraries like you have!

One day....

hope everything is fine with you and your family and good job with this one

Ylmir responds:

I have a little tip to make a quiet track loop : Using a fade-out on the reverb at the end of the track. Of course, it works better if you have about 1 second without any instrument playing, but it works most of the time. I haven't tried on action cues though, I always try to avoid the issue instead.

About orchestral libraries, EWQLSO is a good entry line product, and is quite often at -50%, but you'll very soon feel really limited with it. CineSymphony LITE is $400, but you can get a -50% discount if you're a student, and even if it's a cut-down version of CineSamples' other orchestral libraries, it's awesome, especially compared to EWQLSO. There are more velocity & dynamic layers, which helps to get a more "alive" sound.

But actually, more than using good orchestral sound libraries, the most important thing is to make them sound right. And everything helps : The orchestration and context is at least as important as the rest. In Home, the orchestra is actually almost drowned into solo instruments - and this is these solo instruments that make this track live. They bring all the attention to them, and you don't even notice that the orchestra behind doesn't have a true legato, for example. Of course, it works only if your solo instruments are able to deliver a convincing sound.

Embertone solo strings are great, but have their weaknesses as well (the controllable vibrato, for example, is great for expression, but not always for realism). I highly recommend them, but before purchasing something else, I'd wait to see how CineStrings SOLO will sound like - it's been announced some days ago by CineSamples, and since the legato cello patch from Tina Guo already had an awesome sound, I expect something incredible.

And for the flutes from Embertone... Well, if you're looking for great, cheap instruments, go for it. The Shire Whistle that you can hear in both Home and Leaving is among my favorite instruments, and I bought it for only $5, because I received a discount code some days before purchasing it. And I'd happily buy it again, even at its full price ($20). You'll need the full version of Kontakt to use it, though, as well as most of their less expensive instruments.

Oh, and about the bad news I talked about in the description of the track, things seemed to get a little bit better lately, but well.. When someone in your family has cancer, you already know that most of the time, things will only get worse over time.

Anyway, thanks for your message ! ;)

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May 25, 2015
11:27 AM EDT
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