Ghardium Saga

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The world of Ghardium faces full scale petrification from an unknown phenomenon.
Villages and towns have been ‘’frozen in time’’ by this terrible misfortune, only a few areas are yet to be affected and most are on floating islands in the sky. On one such beautiful landmass lives a man and other members from a mystical, largely unknown tribe. The man’s name is Virko, a strong long haired warrior known by his peers as a bold, upstanding leader, a master of hunting, fighting and for his optimistic outlook.

The tribe has prepared for unavoidable death as they see no end to the terror destroying their planet. They believe what is happening is the punishment for the evil their race has committed throughout the ages.

Suddenly one night, two bright beacons show up in the night sky, they get larger as time passes and by dawn two rocks hit the ground before Virko’s feet. The rocks start cracking and two wolf-like creatures, one green and one yellow appear. Virko bends down to curiously look at them as they surprise him with the ability to speak. He smiles in awe at the mysterious appearance of these strange creatures.

They start telling him that there is no time to mess about, that they have been sent from a distant planet to help stop the petrification process, but as mentioned, time is of the essence. The creatures speak in deep sage-like voices indicating that these are experienced, older creatures.

Virko can hardly believe his eyes and ears as the rest of the tribe surrounds the creatures.
The creatures introduce themselves as Kee and Tox, and explain that the source of the petrification comes from the north and that there is no time to explain other than that they can only protect one individual from the petrification as they travel, and that they need a strong warrior that can handle the challenges ahead in the attempt at stopping it. Virko asks them why no more were sent, why they want to help and how three can possibly stop this. Kee and Tox explain that if more were sent, ‘’they’’ would know and the mission might have been compromised. They brush off the questions by again stating that time is running out.

The tribe decides that Virko, the strongest of the tribe should go, they are all confused and hardly know what to believe, but don’t see another option but to blindly go into it, and fast, before it is too late.
Virko gets his gear before he is elevated by Kee and surrounded by an aura of protection by Tox as they leave the floating island flying northward.

And so The Ghardium Saga begins.



DanJohansen responds:

Appreciate it a ton dude :D

Wow! Just...wow! You have a dual gift my friend: Great skill at composing as well as equal skill in storytelling. As an aspiring writer I'm a tad jealous I didn't think this up (just kidding). But the beginnings of a story, the world it is set in, the major characters--both good and evil--have always been a stumbling block for me; but I digress

As for this song...it is masterful, epic, worthy of a spot on the soundtrack of any grand Fantasy Adventure film. It's not very often that music on NG impresses me, but I'm beyond impressed by this piece and the opening story that accompanies it; I--and I'm sure many, many others--would love to hear and read more. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

DanJohansen responds:

So cool to come to the site and see a passionate review like this. It brings a huge smile on my face man, glad you enjoyed it that much. I put a lot of work into the track and it feels good when it is appreciated. Appreciate the awesome review good, sir!

I am sure to make more!

Well made, my friend! Mad props! I'm not usually one for computer instruments, but you've obviously spent the time and effort to make something in depth, and with real meaning here!

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks a ton man! I have loads of respect for computer instruments after having heard all the FF soundtracks, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Breath of Fire OST's, most of Hitoshi Sakimoto's work. And other video game music. But I know where you come from, glad you enjoyed it anyways! Thanks for the awesome review man!

Amazing,as usual.

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks dude, it was a blast making it :D

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