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[DnB] Tribal Heart - Sure

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Tried something new, it is a Drum'n'Bass song with a lot of power made in FL studio 11 in 10 hours
If you like it, be sure to check out my soundcloud and newgrounds account for more :)

My soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tribalheart

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they should add your music to call of duty and other games :D

BlackACE321 responds:

I would like my music to be played elsewhere :)

Hm. Hmm.

I listened to this yesterday, thought I'd give it a review, but didn't come back to it until today, and having heard it again, I think I'm solidified in what I want to say.

I've heard many liquid tracks on this site, and as a producer of liquid myself, I've heard a variety from good to seemingly okay. There's ton of potential 'round these parts, and you're no exception.

+ Great use of filter effects. Gives your synths some good variety and nigh naturalistic timbre.
+ First drop is pretty swell. The kit is well constructed.
+ Sound design is great. Sounds like a mesh between Harmless and Sakura (since the plucking and tone is fairly distinct).
+ Automation is quite well done. Tons of sweeps, risers, slight pitch shifts (especially that arp into pitch down 'round 3:15). Also sweet vibrato at 3:50 and 4:11.
+ 2:29 was a great change of pace. Good cutoff to indicate breakdown.
+ 3:30 has nice harmonic and melodic themes, totally different from what was heard at the beginning, though all the same related to your initial and well established theme.
+ Nuances are placed throughout to give it some harmonic variety, which is greatly appreciated.
+ Outro is just about what I expected it to be. Filter effect and fade out into digital silence.

- Kick and snare immediately suffer from the polarity of your hat when that comes into the next bar. A peak controller or some volume control (along with a polarity reversal) here would help so that they doesn't lose that vital "snap" and "thump" when it's introduced.
- Some EQ can be done with that sharp high note prior to your second breakdown. It's quite harsh. That's really the only stand-outish thing I can point out with that synth in particular.
- From First (technically still the 'Build-up') to Second Drop, the driving force is a little lacking -- mostly attributed to the drum kit. You can certainly have it fairly sparse from percussive activity to indicate different phrases, but without that content that comes from the high-end, it kind of boils down to a mundane speed. Especially with Drum & Bass that is usually at a high pace, it left me wanting more from it.
- Into your main theme, I notice that there's something missing...
What's missing is "fullness." You've got these great melodic themes that harmonize well with each other, but it doesn't sound as together as it can be. It needs more warmth, a little more sub, a little more mids, both high and low, to fill out the entire spectrum. This can usually be done with DSP (Dynamic Signal Processing) effects to make your track much wider than it currently is. Just some reverb, some delay here and there, soft compression and you'll be golden. It is a fairly "dry" affair ;). I do notice that some of your synths have them, but there could be 'slightly' more.


A little more synth layering can be done to give you some more tonal quality and timbre to your sounds. Two or three more under your main line can give you some interesting results. This can give your track some more thickness.

Some slight EQ tweaks as most of your synthesis is based upon Saw waves, which can be fairly harsh as they are chocked full of harmonic overtones. A chorusing or flangeing effect can make it smoother (and it's a little easier on the ears!). This gives them their own space.


A quality track. For "something new," it's well done. Some nit-picky things here and there, but a great job. Production quality is good and the composition is, also, quite quite good.

I'll be keeping my eye on you.


BlackACE321 responds:

Thanks a lot for your criticism, I really need it, even though I don't really understand some of your arguments, but that's because I have a different point of view, I just really like the way it is :)
Thanks for all your time, because it seems writing this down took some, really appreciate it ^^

Have a nice day

Nice track man, I like the intro especially the plucked synth in the beginning, crisp sounds and solid bassline, only thing is the build up before the 0:57 seconds mark, I thought it was already the drop but when it came its kinda empty, I personally think it's slightly odd.. but overall awesome track :) Also next time try adding some more percs/effects, it wasn't necessary but it adds flavor to the track.cheers! ;)

BlackACE321 responds:

Good to hear you like it, the actual purpose of the build up is to give it some energy before the drop even begins, it's about showing the main theme of this song. BTW when you said it is slightly odd, you have to understand that this whole song is odd from the others, I am trying to do stuff people didn't do before, that's why :)

Have a nice day :)

waaa ~ !! Liquid D&B <3 this is my jam, love the light intro to it before the drums, great melody, once the drop kicked in the bass filled in nice, wish there was a background pad for the drop tho(thats just me tho) love the crispness of the sounds, everythings so clear *head banging* great job, awesome tune.

- Pandasticality

BlackACE321 responds:

Thanks for great response, I am really glad you like it, because this song took a lot of time, but people like you make me feel it's worth every second :) It also makes me happy to hear it from someone as talented as you are ^^

Wish you a great day, you deserve it because you made mine :)

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4.88 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2015
4:25 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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11.4 MB
4 min 59 sec

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