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Free2Play - Lazy

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Author Comments

Ah back to dance music again. I have to admit, energetic songs like these are my absolute favorite to make.

NOTE: This is a work in progress and there's a few things I already know I haven't done yet.

1. The vocals need to be cut badly, they are syncing up much on the fricatives.

2. It's clearly not mastered, a lot of the frequencies are in the low end, not enough on the high.

3. In general lots of tweaking needs to be done.

Please give me any criticisms pretty please.



Less like mainstream Dance, more like Nu Disco. It's certainly got that kind of feel. If you've listened to the likes of Televisor or Mystery Skulls, they pull the kind of things that you got here, but at a bit of a quicker pace.

The fact that it's not mastered is actually fine. As it stands, it sounds great.

The low end isn't something to be beating yourself up over. In fact, the way it is now, the low end has a lot of warmth and fullness to it. If you plan on reducing that some (which is probably a good idea to do - everything in modulation) try not to remove those key frequencies in the low-mids and sub-low.

Generally, the EQ is fine as it stands. You shouldn't be trying to compensate for heaviness in one area, but more on filling it out as a whole. More instrumentation that can be put into the higher end of the spectrum can really round this out (Such as that harmonica-like sound near the end).

Focus more on sculpting your sound and your style before trying to fix it. You'll find you'll have a much more fun time with it when you're just letting loose. Then back away from it and give it some time before you listen to it again - that is when you can really scrutinize it with a fresh pair of ears.

Vocals are nice. (Almost thought I was listening to the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, hah!)

For your voice, they're not bad. Since you're not a vocalist, I will say try and keep being consistent. Lots of people I've heard falter when they hold notes or modulate a little too much. You've got that kind of Pop Singer voice - lots in the highs and the mids but not so much in the lows, which is great for this kind of track. Just, be a little kinder when you use reverb and delay. They're muddying it up a bit much.

I'm sure there's lot of tweaking to be done, but have fun with it! Tweak as you go along composing!

Great job here, sir. Great job.


Free2Play responds:

Haha, I have that pop singer voice because i don't know how to sing! (oh snap)

Also nice shot with the inspiration, I actually have been a good fan of MysterySkulls lately.

A lack of highs in general both composition wise and when mixing tends to be a fault of mine. I'm really trying to improve by adding more high heavy synths and boosting those highs, but I don't know sometimes I don't get the right balance or I just personally find it ear piercing.

And totally I've learned that its best to just feel a song out and not get overly technical until later.

Thanks for your great comments these are definitely the kind that help me grow!

vocals totally reminds me of "Does It Offend You, Yeah?" but a chilled down version :O nothing else to say but looking forward to the finish track :P thanks for sharing.

Free2Play responds:

Thanks man! I honestly try as hard as I can to not make it seem like my vocals are any sort of a feature, I'm really trying to push the production cause I'm not a practiced singer. I really need lessons, and really only use my voice cause its the most convenient when you want vocals. Only if I need specific talent would I call on one of my much more talented friends lol.

yeah sounds really main stream but in a good way that's your style .. more likely to be popular right ?

Free2Play responds:

Haha, I just try to make sure that's not WHY I do it. As long as I genuinely like the songs I make I think that's okay lol.

i dont know why but this seriously sounds like something i'd hear off a radio or something not to say this is bad but the exact opposite, theres something about the style of beat this has and also how the vocals flow well with it, cant wait to hear the full version if you're still working on this, this is good quality stuff, impressed, no negative feedback to give, sry :x

- Pandasticality

Free2Play responds:

Thanks! Yeah I don't know why my songs as I've grown older have gone to radio dance type music, but that's just how it goes lol. I do want more control over my skills in general; I dream of being able to score a video game with enough variance and control and composition skills for it to be really good (like DannyB, he's the best).

But seriously thanks! It's always nice to hear that it sounds good quality, I do try really hard with mixing and mastering. And also the composition itself, I've learned not to try TOO hard and just write what you think sounds good. You kind of learn subconcious dos and donts.

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4.02 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2015
10:27 PM EDT
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