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modern funk with a retro twist

recorded in a night, played entirely on my keyboard, no sampling involved. I bumped a lot of the tracks out to my cassette deck to give it that old bendy tape sound.


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i love the audio its like hearing an old funk tape from the 80's or 70's it should be the credits of my fnaf fan game called five nights in the renaissance fair its simple you are 'thy new guard' of the new renaissance spook castle where you get to learn and see the history of the renaissance to the modern day torture devices and the way how the people who broke the law of the renaissance got punished for their crimes while in the genetics lab where how mutants of the renaissance were originally victims 'taken' in to the secret labs of the renaissance to do some experimenting on genetics when those tests were made the results were the victims turning into grotesque mutated monsters caged and hidden away from society to prevent a crisis known as 'the dark age' when the mutants breakout and destroy the kingdom causing the kingdom to fall to mutants's fleshy grotesque hands/tentacles.... for the game its like a mix of fnaf 3,onaf 2 and fnati for basically the main monster is blind the only thing is it can't see in the light but it can see in the dark there are other monsters as well and they rely on their senses from smell,hearing,feeling and taste. for the hearing monster its blind like the main monster but it can't see neither in the dark or the light but i can hear so the only way to lure it away is by using a trumpet stereo system that in every location but the office. for the smell part its simple the monster is like a bloodhound,doberman,labrador and a german shepard breed it was said to be the ultimate man's best friend but soon there was cerberus like hybrid dog made to look like a cerberus but has the smelling strength of a bloodhound,the sprinting of a doberman,the jaws of a labrador(retriever) and the bark and howl of a german shepard. it can smell very well and knows where you are but its easy to distract it with the meat in the freezer you can lure it to the freezer to lock it in(note: you only have a few minutes to lock the freezer door before it gets out of the freezer if it gets out shut the doors and hope you will not get killed). for the feeling monster it can just feel but its blind like the main and hearing monster it feel but is slow like an elderly you can have time to turn off the lights when it arrives same for the smell and hearing monster the only thing is you must stay still when it arrives if you stay still you can avoid the monster. an for the tasting monster it has the climbing ablities of a spider and the slime trail of a snail by leaving foot steps slime or sliva dripping from its long smoker like tounge when it arrives you must turn off the lights and remain still till the monster leaves. and thats all the monsters of the fnarf game

what a gem. this is an exceptional original. and the 80s nostalgia lives hard in this one.

This is crazy. The tape effect makes the track a million times better. While I was listening to it, I tried imagining what it would sound like without it, and the instruments and drums came off kinda synthetic, which was cool and all, but the way it contrasts with the analog hiss is great. Is that your voice in the track? It's incorporated really well.

The only beef I have is the ending is kinda drab. I was expecting some crazy George Duke running his hand up and down all 88 keys splink-a-dink shit but instead the track just kinda subtracted its elements until it was just the voice and chords. I guess in the context of an album, if this track got followed up with an equally or more so nutso track it would be fine.

Then again, the cool wub wub heartbeat thing at the very very end of the track was pretty cool. So I don't know what I'm talking about. Don't listen to me, this track is fucking dope.

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Mar 13, 2015
8:42 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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