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Neo-Metry Medley

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Author Comments

Okay, I'd like to start off by saying that this is a medley of all the default level background songs from the game Geometry Dash. I guess I'm kind of nerdy about Geometry Dash - I check out the new featured levels every day, play them to the best of my ability, etc. I've been doing this for a few months now, and I know the game pretty well. I'm certainly the best at it among my friends, although I pale in comparison to some of the other players out there. In any case, my obsession with it is nerdy enough for me to internally justify medleying its music to make a track and call it 'nerdcore'.

I'd also like to say that this isn't actually nerdcore. If you're reading this while listening to the song, you're still probably on that 'chill-trap' part at the beginning, but it'll quickly evolve far, far away from hip-hop. I was going to keep it electronic, but I was having way too much fun for that at around the two minute mark. But I have absolutely no idea how I would make a nerdcore song in the conventional way so bah. I've had the idea of a GD medley for a while, and I figured that it would fit better in Nerdcore than in any other genre. I'd have done this after the Genre Quest was over, but 'Deadlocked' by F-777 is coming up as a level and I have NO idea how to cover any of that stuff. :D

Man, I learned so much about melodies and composition from this song. Even so, there are still a bunch of wrong chords, since Step and Waterflame are compositional BEASTS. Anyways, it's been a fun week working on this, although most of the work was done in the last two days. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoyed!


<b>Potential note for mods:</b>

Hi! My username is LunacyEcho, and I've been a contributor to the Audio Portal and the Newgrounds community for a few years now. I get that tensions are high about songs referencing Geometry Dash, what with all the illegal reuploads going around. But I promise that this one is, as far as I can tell, completely legal - I do use others' melodies, but these have all been reproduced by ear. No sampling audio files, no copying MIDI, nothing that I can tell is illegal based on the license that Newgrounds songs are shared under. If there are any problems with this song, please let me know, and I'll try to sort them out to the best of my abilities. Thanks!

Songs used, in order:

Stereo Madness - ForeverBound (0:00 - 0:30)
Back on Track - DJVI (0:30 - 0:40)
Polargeist - Step (0:40 - 1:11)
Dry Out - DJVI (1:02 - 1:11)
Base After Base - DJVI (1:11 - 1:32)
Can't Let Go - DJVI (1:22 - 1:42)
Jumper - Waterflame (1:42 - 1:52)
Time Machine - Waterflame (1:52 - 1:58)
Cycles - DJVI (1:58 - 2:03)
xStep - DJVI (2:03 - 2:08)
Clutterfunk - Waterflame (2:08 - 2:46)
Theory of Everything - dj-Nate (2:18 - 2:46)
Electroman Adventures - Waterflame (2:39 - 3:09)
Club Step - dj-Nate (2:49 - 3:09)
Electrodynamix - dj-Nate (3:09 - 3:20)
Hexagon Force - Waterflame (3:19 - 3:52)
Blast Process - Waterflame (3:42 - 3:50)
Theory of Everything 2 - dj-Nate (3:45 - 4:00)


I like the idea a lot! The melody at :22 seemed really out of place when it first came in. I think you needed a clearer transition when it first came in. Other than that, you mesh all these tracks (many of which I love, btw) together quite well. I liked the instruments throughout. One tiny thing that bothered me is that the brass synth pad at 2:30 was a little too loud IMO. There were some other minor balance issues too, for example the drowned-out melody at 2:50. Other than that, I love all the synths, and you kept up the intensity and mood throughout. The ending felt a bit inconclusive, but I imagine it was hard to end it given all the various songs you crammed in here! Love the idea, and it helps that I'm familiar with about half of these songs. :) Keep up the good work, LunacyEcho! ;D

LunacyEcho responds:

=> 0:22 =>

Yeah, I've been getting that a lot. But that's what you get for not listening to feedback! :P

=> 2:30 =>

But.. but... the wubs! Yeah, I see what you mean. :P In my defense, it sounds AWESOME when played out of my Mac speakers (which are definitely renowned for being the best speakers in the world obviously)

=> 2:50 =>

You mean the Electroman Adventures melody was drowned out? I can see what you mean, but I sort of just wanted some more high mids in there to keep up the balance. The Club Step melody was the focus of that part!

=> ending =>

Yeah, seriously. None of the songs in the game have proper endings, since they're all cut at ~1:30. So, I had to work with what I could. :P Glad you can sympathize!

=> familiar with about half =>

The Waterflame half? :P

Thanks for the review! And man, going through all your missed work must be long and arduous. Thanks so much for going through all the trouble!

This is 100% legal. Love this! Will use for a level when 2.0 comes out. I will be using the entire song btw. It'll probably be really easy.

LunacyEcho responds:

Gee, thanks! It'll be an honor! :)

Love it :P, Its funny how almost all the reviewers/producers here know about Geometry dash (including me), also that one of the producers here actually made music for the game, i think it was "water flame". Awesome as always Lunacy, keep it up :P.

LunacyEcho responds:

Thanks! Actually, RobTop, the guy who makes Geometry Dash, gets his main level music from Newgrounds! The five artists represented (six if you count OcularNebula, who does the Practice Mode BGM) are all people you can find on Newgrounds, and they're listed in my description. Thanks for listening and I'm glad you liked it!

Hehheh, the nerdcore is finally happening :)
And it's even nerdy XD

I wouldn't worry about about any mods removing this and banning you. It's quite obvious that it's legal by the license standard, especially with that description ;)

Now, on to the piece.

I really love it! It's clearly one of your very best tracks. I guess it may help that you got to use melodies that you already knew were great, but still, you had to learn them by ear :p

It would seem you've mashed a couple of songs at a few places too, to get a smooth transition. I'm basing this on your timestamps though. Well, I suppose you could've miswritten some of the timestamps as well. I haven't listened that much to the GD songs, apart from Step's and Waterflame's stuff. I now realize I should o.O

Really good job with Polargeist. I have to assume that the rest of the songs are as great compared to the original too. Even if they wouldn't be, they are already great. All the harmonies between the chords, intruments and melodies are great, so whether it's exactly the same as the original or not doesn't matter too much.
I'm really impressed by all the transitions! The flow is ridiculously smooth, and you've almost got 20 different songs in here :O

As usually your percussion work is all but unimpressive. The mix is smooth, and pretty amazing considering there were so many different things to fit in here. Now you made me want to do a medley sometime! Probably a Final Fantasy 7 medley... Oh yes... My heart wants it...

I don't have much else to say, especially since I haven't heard all the individual songs. But once again, the quality is great. You are right to be proud of this :3

UltrAmazing work dude(exclamation mark).
Favved in an instant :D¨
Keep it up ;)

LunacyEcho responds:

=> mods =>

You never know. NekoMika once accidentally deleted a song because she thought it was written with Magix, but that mistake was quickly corrected. Still, you never know...

=> smooth transition =>

Yeah, the songs aren't song-song-song-song-song. There's some overlap, which I really like about this. Some songs' melodies just fit together really, really well, and I tried to use that to my advantage in making transitions and stuff. :)

=> GD songs =>

Step and Waterflame are indeed extremely talented composers. DJVI, dj-Nate, and ForeverBound are more production-based, but their composition is still pretty good. dj-Nate is probably my favorite musician that I discovered through GD, since he always makes such catchy, innovative tunes.

=> Polargeist =>

Thanks! I thought I might've screwed it up since I added a cello, as the low mids were severely lacking in the original mix. Then, when the cello wasn't sounding so good, I debated taking it out, but then I realized that people don't really pay too much analytical attention to that stuff anyways and a background cello to add some low mids is always good.

=> transitions =>

I'm somewhat experienced in medley-fying songs, and transitions are what make a good medley from a bad medley. I think some of the ones here were a bit forced (especially the ones around 1:50), but some of them I enjoy, such as 1:12 or 3:40.

=> percussion =>

Yay! I thought that it might be getting drowned out a bit towards the end, but I'm glad you liked it!

=> FFVII =>

Yesyesyesyes! Medleys! Now I gotta go listen to the FF7 soundtrack so I get all the references. :D

Thanks a lot for such a positive review! And so quick, too! I have literally no idea how you got here so quick. [rem]

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4.76 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2015
12:22 PM EDT
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