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Hey seeing as things have been going well recently I have got back on the production saddle and knocked out a banging track for you to listen to.It's called You're Good For Me. I spent the last couple of days on this and really pleased with the outcome. There's loads of guitar on this, effected up to the nines, a couple of synth parts and a banging glitch drum beat. Please have a listen guys, let me know what you think as it's your feedback that helps me do better tracks. Cheers.

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Mate, the production quality on this track is top notch. It sounds like it could be from the soundtrack for 28 Days Later!

I am loving the deep bassline, I can feel the vibrations from the sub in my chest which fits perfectly with the overall tone. Although the the structure is relatively simple the little various touches help it evolve and progress to a conclusion; it does not get boring. The panning was delightful on my setup as well.

I have literally nothing bad to say about this and I will be listening to it again tonight. Really great jerb.

pitbulljones responds:

Currie! You fucking amazing cunt who puts me to shame.

Production is slightly off...lots of peaking erros. I have a v.2.0 which resolves that though. However the AIM, the TRACK. I agree.......it's fucking reet and the dude abides.

Deeps bass, me all over, single note mofo. NEW speakers and new soundcard helped alot, i have flat response now, what goes in goes out.

You think the structure is simple......fuck me! Theres about 16 bastard layers going on at any one time, 12 of which are fucking guitar.....you have a go at mixing that and think its simple hahahahahahahaha.

I used to be a 1 and done when it came to recording, this was done over about a week, 5 of those were the mix. Like i said there is a v2 which i have spent another 5 days and will upload soon.

Thank you so much for the kind words and get the fuck in touch you jick jock

to add....bass was done on a motherfucking EBOW :)

You have your drums nailed down with this, fills out really nice, a lot of verb going around though can make it feel a little over powering but over all this is pretty top, the guitar definitely makes it for me, damn! Yeah that guitars top, keep it up man.

pitbulljones responds:

Thanks for the review :) It is a very heavy verby track this, it can be difficult to get that balance some times. Glad you liked the track.


Really nice track, this. So many elements coming together so nicely. The hard panning in the beginning threw me off for a moment - I was almost going to give my speaker a kick - but as soon as other sounds came up, it all fell into place. This is just a personal preference but I almost wanted the drums to cut out at about 3:16 for a few bars to let the guitar do it's thing on it's own for a bit. All around though, this is a very emotive and lovely piece and in retrospect, of the 11 minutes I spent listening to it, I don't feel like even a second of it was wasted. Well done.

pitbulljones responds:

Thank you LJC for your kind words. Haha, I have new speakers, some m-audio db5's and they really bring out the stereo field so I'm really into heavy panning of my shizz now. I'm doing a remix of this at the moment, as there's some peaking issues apparent. I'll have a listen to your suggestion regarding dropping the drums. I'll let you know when it's done. Again, thanks for the review.


Yo. Lovely sound to this one man. Nice stereo width on the effected guitars, and a good depth to the production. Sounds liek there's a couple of 'peaking' issues on some of the sounds as there's a slight buzz or crackle when some hit the limit, sometimes a problem when you pan stuff quite so wide. The track has a great development to it, nicely arrnaged, it grows and changes shape very organically. The persistent glitch beat allows the other parts to evolve and change shape without ever lossing the rhythm. Great job.

pitbulljones responds:

Thank you very much for the review KB. You are bang on about the peaking issues. I have actually been going trough the mix again and redoing the levels, effects etc and should hopefully be posting am much clearer mix. I have got new speakers some m-audio bx5's and I'm using a roland Octa Capture, so I'm still learning the ropes with them but they are loevly, I have to remember they don't mask a single bloody thing ha. I'm glad you like the development, I can appreciate it sticks to the same pattern throughoput but I do i try to change things up. Many thanks again, I'll let you know when the redone mix is up :)

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Feb 3, 2015
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