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Opus V: Observer

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0:00 - 3:40 "Silently Smolder"
A young and molten earth yearns for company.
3:40 - 6:25 "Cambrian Explosion"
Company arrives in the form of increasingly violent lifeforms.
6:25 - 8:39 "From Your Caves, Emerge!"
Humanity reaches its current point in evolution, and looks up at the stars for the first time in wonder.
8:39 - 10:53 "Outward"
Humanity invents agriculture, and from this point onward, builds increasingly vast civilizations.
10:53 - 14:26 "Inward"
Humanity runs out of room as the Dark Ages hit. However, the renaissance has other ideas.
14:26 - 17:49 "Upward"
Humanity reaches the moon. The Earth realizes that the company she has come to love and cherish is not permanent, and sings a song of farewell to her favorite children. (Unfortunately, I am not a woman, so please make do with my voice instead.)

Software: 0CC-Famitracker by HertzDevil and Jsr


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I like the mood and instruments. I think the mixing needs some cleaning up. There’s a bit of distortion in here, and it’s possibly because the instruments were not equalized carefully enough. There are times when some of the melodic lines are hard to make out, such as at 1:27 - 1:30 and 2:20 - 2:25. The piece has a sense of constant continuity whereas you should’ve stripped away some of the harmony significantly in order to create more structural contrast. This moment finally comes at 3:08, but you could’ve done a lot more to maximize the emotional polarization of the piece. Also, 3:40 is a completely different piece, and I think you know that too. If you were trying to form a mash-up here, you needed to connect the parts before and after 3:40 much more cleanly. There were also other transitions, even within the 6 littler songs that make up this grossly long track, that needed smoothing over, such as 4:21. As a judge, I’m expected to treat your content as one concrete, complete, and coherent whole, but this is not a coherent and succinct piece at all. It’s hard for me to get a sense of melodic development or cohesiveness within the 6 individual pieces themselves. You need to focus on fleshing out individual ideas more instead of conglomerating all of your little ideas for riffs in one place. You seem to have made very little effort at connecting the various movements of this piece. 10:53 comes to mind. If you don’t plan on making two or more sections of music into one cohesive whole, those sections do not belong on the same track. I also suggest you try watching and following YouTube tutorials for “equalization” in whatever Digital Audio Workstation (FL Studio, Garageband, Logic, Reason, etc.) you use. Also, the part at 15:17 isn’t even in the same genre as the content before it, despite being the most enjoyable part of the track IMO. You did a nice job of creating a full texture throughout, though, and your melodies are generally solid. I also thought the piece was pretty catchy, too, although there wasn’t really any one section that was particularly memorable in this 18-minute morass. Above all, you’re just force-feeding the listener too much content at once here. You need to slow down and focus more on the details of this piece - a sense of build and flow, coherence, mastering, etc. - before you go for a 18-minute-long epic narrative song. Because if you don’t tie the piece together as you progress, it falls apart underneath you, and that’s what happened here. Without the author’s comments, I would’ve been able to garner almost no overarching sense of structure from listening to your piece, and that’s a dire problem. I seriously hope you understand why I’m giving your piece such a low score because you’ve clearly put a lot of effort into it, and if you don’t understand please don’t hesitate to PM me. Keep working at it, man. You have the melodies and atmosphere down. Now, please work on the structure, mixing, and coherence...a lot. Best of luck. ;)


flaminglog responds:

This was made in famitracker and would play on a modified famicom.

There IS no mixing in famitracker apart from instrument volume. This was an extremely well-loved piece in the chipmusic community. Judging traditional chipmusic by modern electronic music standards is complete nonsense, honestly, but thank you for listening to my track.

Your contest, clearly, is not a place for chipmusic such as this.


Here are my thoughts:

The intro was kinda slow,but makes the excitement for what's coming better.
Around 6:25 : It's getting fast alright.
Around 9:40 : Yeeha!Ultra fast!
Around 10:60 : Music's getting a lot slower than before.Clear hint to symbolism.
Around 14:20 : There's still hope.
Around 17:00 : Your voice sounds good in the background.If the earth would speak,it would've sounded like you.
My thoughts:
- You're the best electrical songwriter who uses symbolism in songs on newgrounds.
- 8-Bit Music FTW!!
-You really reached my heart with this track.
-18 Minutes? How long did ya work on this?!
- Awesome Song in general.

In total,you deserve a high yet not too high rating,even though this song is BOSS!

flaminglog responds:

I worked on this song for three months solid.

Man, this is cool. It's like an 8-bit symphony! Some random thoughts:

* I love how thick your sound is, though it some areas it gets a bit too busy.
* That section at 4:45 is PUMPING. Reminds me of VVVVVV when the melody comes in.
* The musical progression is really nice, you transition very well between totally different sounds.
* There's this weird clicking sound at around 6:00, sounds like the audio is clipping :/
* The tempo fluctuations at the end of the third movement are nice.
* Oh man, 9:40 <3 Don't think I've ever heard prog chiptunes before.
* The sudden dynamic drop at around 10:54 is a bit extreme. Maybe you could use a dramatic pause?
* Still really digging the classical sound.
* The recorded guitar and vocals, while good, felt totally out of place.

Despite my minor qualms, I still think this is fantastic. 5/5, gold star, etc. Now I want to write some chiptunes :P

flaminglog responds:

The clicking sound you hear is a DPCM sample offset, an artifact of the program I use.

The reason you may not have heard progressive chiptunes is that, as far as I know, little-to-no one else writes chiptunes that are like this.

The dynamic drop is meant to be very extreme, as it represents the transition from the late Roman Empire into the dark ages.

As for the guitar and vocals, that was mostly because the deadline was approaching and I still needed to cap off the song somehow. I intend fully on releasing a chip-only rendition later.

That said, thank you for your comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed my song!

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2.17 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2015
1:16 AM EST
Video Game
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