{!RGH} Glitchcore

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Oldie, but goodie from 2006-2007. Recently tweaked some things, but there's still some wiring issues (damn rack view).

Anyways, enjoy.


This is pretty cool. It almost feels like music from a SNES video game or something. I like that you fused two different styles from the intro to the main part of the song. I like the tones and instrumentation. Lots of cool stuff going on. Cheers!

RyeGuyHead responds:

Your review is greatly appreciated.

Glad your picking up what I'm putting down!

Decent track this :). It's all very well mixed and the arrangement is great. Some parts are a bit muddy in the mix, but nothing to major, and it's easily fixed by cutting some of the low end from some of your synths. I miss some giher frequencies in the track. It all fells a bit inclosed without those higher, crisp sounds to make it even more energetic.
Overall a good track with just a few needed tweaks :).

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RyeGuyHead responds:

Both yourself and AeronMusic have pointed out the muddiness of this track. I must say I've listened to this one in comparison to some of my others, and I definitely agree. I think it might have to do with the fact that the lead is so bass heavy, but there upper elements in the mix (like the flangy monophonic synth and the organ swells) that are really lost amongst everything else.

I know I added a bass excite post production setting to the whole mix, which might be the culprit. Pretty foolhardy, in retrospect, to toss some pre-baked setting on a mix after spending so much time working through the individual parts. I'll have to go back and look at it.

Thanks for the review!

Hm not bad. I really dislike the guitars that are panned in my left ear in the intro and later in the song (like at 0:20), quite annoying there. Overall it is somewhat enjoyable but not catchy. Liking the soothing synths!
The only thing I'd recommend is to center the guitars, and mixing them stereo-ish.
Mastering is good, maybe a boost in the high frequentions would make it sound more crisp. Mix feels kinda muddy tho. The structure of the song is actually fine! As I said it IS enjoyable!
I could imagine hearing this in a Supermeat boy level. (:
Keep it up dude!

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RyeGuyHead responds:

The panning is definitely a bit off on this one, especially with the guitars.

I'm not sure if you've every used Reason before, but the "rack view" allows you to manually setup all the patching/wiring yourself. This file is old, and I had no idea what I was doing when I started it...so the wiring is all out of whack. I fixed the brass, but I must've missed the guitar. Thanks for pointing that out! (edit - and I just realized the synth bass towards the middle is the same way...)

Super Meat Boy, eh? Nothing wrong with that :D

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