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Here With You

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UPDATE 10/26/2014: I increased the volume on the vocals quite a bit, per request. The voice is the window to the soul, man, but my soul was pee-shy.

Another song about being Autistic with ADHD, since that's all I know how to write about! Neat!

Rushed as always, but that's alright! I actually had a ridiculously hard time figuring out the right levels and editing for the vocals, which is actually odd. Usually I have some conviction regarding it, albeit amateur in nature. Oh well, I just hope it's not distracting.

Let me know what you think. I've got a lot of improving to do, without a doubt.

Fun Fact: The bridge was originally a crazy guitar solo, but then I decided it was lame.

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This songs awesome! Everythings really catchy like. FUCK.

You should make more music like this man! I mean, on top of your amazing instrumentals too of course :p

I absolutely love this song! Musically it is fantastic. The changes between the verses and the chorus is wonderful. Very smooth. I love the bridge. The vocals are so great. I understand the subject far too well. As a musician with a paralyzing fear of social situations, I get that. Good job!

I don't often log in anymore, but I felt compelled to add my two cents here.

As a fellow autistic, I totally feel what's behind the message; I especially love the chorus - perfect blend of music and lyrics. The first and second verses are fine lyrically, but in terms of melody and instruments I feel like I'm listening to a different song than the one I hear in the chorus. I'm not saying the different mood is wrong; it just feels too harsh and "plucky," if that gets my meaning across.

The rhythm of the bridge threw me off too; the general melody was fine, but I think it would have sounded better without the pauses in the odd-numbered lines. A short instrumental before the bridge, alike to the chorus in sound, wouldn't do any harm; and perhaps the final line could trail a bit longer to lead the song into its conclusion.

That aside, the only thing left to talk about would be the mastering, and I have no business critiquing that. In the meantime I've downloaded the track to my playlist, and if you do any further work on it I'd love to take a listen to the final product.

Jacob responds:

The verse-to-chorus contrast was intentional, to personify the difference in emotion. Sensory overload and anxiety in the verse, introspection in the chorus.
That said, I can totally see how the contrast may have been poorly executed, and I appreciate the input there.

Your enjoyment of the chorus also helps me figure out which direction to continue in, musically. That sort of sound actually comes most naturally to me, but I figured it was less interesting to listen to.
Looks like I had it backwards! I'll definitely be writing more music with that sound. :)

Thank you so much for the detailed review! It means a lot, especially from a mutually autistic user.

Audio mastering needs alittle bit of more work, but the track is good enough to compensate for some issues. I like what you did here, wanna collab?

Jacob responds:

What sort of issues? It's hard for me to pinpoint the specific problems - I just know there's something wrong.
I really appreciate the feedback, and I'd love to collaborate sometime! Shoot me a PM, and we can discuss it. :)

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Oct 22, 2014
3:47 AM EDT
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