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A little something I wrote and recorded for this past summer, accompanied by this awesomely ambient brand new beat by S3C! He worked some of the final tweaks on production too. His comment: a couple of the melodic ideas in this track are loosely based off David Wise's composition "Forest Interlude" from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest.

Feedback much appreciated! Enjoy!


Yeah. Summer... 2014...

I'm living the life! Everything is just right!
Mind's clear, no dust here, no bug bites,
I'm in my bed but I was up bright and/writing early
Mind's swirling - with thoughts and new learning
The field's still verdant, seeds still churning
But our feet are burning when we're knee-deep turning water
It's getting cold but we keep up swimming,
And feeding the fishes cause the seas are thinning
We takes bugs off the plants and feed the living
They eat a lot, but still nobody can be like a lemon up here!
Skies are clear, and even when they're unbared...
We're living the life up here! I'm in my -

Prime! Born a summer sign!
So you know I feel alive when it's - summertime!
When the sun shines, and we under sun dine
Pick our food off the ground and - run the lines!
Weeding plants seeding banks deeming thanks are in store
To whomever our lord is, most people can't afford this!
Living so free and I'm bummed to see,
People don't take time as a currency.
I don't mind two monthly wages less,
If I can get to these plants it's major.
I have big plants never had big plans to major
Save that for later I need to get back and savor
The water the waves and the ways they all play forth,
And then we dry on our great porch.
Whether out or in we've got great doors
And I'm so full so you know I know what to be great for!

( But still we crave more! Never enough!!
I want more of this summer stuff! ) 4x

Not much for worms, but fish are delicious!
I feel this little bit of life enriches!
Been just two months, and soon it's done,
But it's been a real summer with a humid sun,
I'm a human one who can't do without it
I get stupid when the views are cloudy
When it's dark - and all of you get rowdy
I sleep - the morning brew booms the loudest
I'm the proudest, to have spent my time -
In the sunshine, sipping lime honey and lemon
Far away from dollars office collars and then some,
Modern day times are a venom...
And I wish this summer would last all year!
That we were all here! We're all like "Aw yeah!"
But at least I leave in this song,
A little beat of summer feeling for healing all year long.

Cyberdevil's back, with a whack track, and the beat...
Yes thee see that's S3C!

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"like a lemon up here" kinda threw me off

This reminds me of "Summertime" by Kreayshawn, only less focused on "[my] bitch"

Also, I may be a little more partial to this song right now because it's cold, and damn if I wasn't just talking about wishing summer lasted all year long.

Your vocal equipment is still hurting you a little, making your voice sound a little bit boxy/tinny. May look at a few tutorials to manage that with a multiband compressor or something. I've been looking into that lately.

Nice little outro footnote. Rarely see concise ones like that in hiphop that rhyme.

I'd like to see more of these. Feel free to cop a beat whenever, man. :)

I'm torn between liking it for the instrumentals, and not liking it because it's hip hop, which isn't a genre I tend to enjoy (though there are exceptions, as with every genre)

I don't wanna be a jerk, though, so I'll just leave it at a 3/5

I'm just surprised that you actually upload music here...

Cyberdevil responds:

I'm torn between liking this review because you took some time to listen, or not liking it because it doesn't say anything about lyrics or vocals. ;) Glad you liked the melody though!

Yeah I've uploaded quite a bit here, though not so much vocal work until these last few years. There'll be more though, though mostly hiphop!

(for some reason reviews on this submission evade my feed btw, sorry for the late reply on this)

Now this is just contradictory, what happened with all that stuff on From Ash To Alabaster? haha.

Man with Diddy Kong's Quest as an inspiration no wonder this sounds so good, that game has one of the best OST in the whole history of gaming, hell i will dare to say in the history of entertainment.
Congratulations S3C, a wonderful track.

Cyberdevil responds:

You know what's strange? How reviews for this track don't appear in my feed, even though they're here. :/ Haha yeah, submitted the same day, but written far apart, in very different phases of my life! It all goes in waves.

Gotta listen to more of that. :) Yeah!

Haha, great stuff Cyberdevil!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! :)

Nice work... thought hip-hop definitely isn't my genre, that's a good song.
Keep it up!

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks again! :)

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Oct 10, 2014
6:12 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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