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FFX Battle Theme (Piano Cover)

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EDIT: I've posted a newer cover of this on my youtube channel. Feel free to check it out:


I don't usually post covers, but I figured I might as well this time, for no particular reason. I'll post a song of my own tomorrow though; this doesn't count as the weekly piece.

This is the battle theme of Final Fantasy X, or rather, a piano arrangement of it, played by me. It is naturally I who arranged this version - two weeks ago while I decided to learn this piece. That also explains why it's kind of messy and random, as I kind of came up with the arrangement of the top of my head while learning the chords and melodies. I tried to really exaggerate my piano playing by being overly ambitious. I put my own interpretations here and there though; this is in no way meant to be as close to the original as possible:


I DID fix a few mistakes in the MIDI file, but most of the errors are left in; you'll just have to take that.

I'm aware that the choir is pretty muddy and doesn't necessarily fit in. At first I thought it might fill up some empty space. I didn't record it separately (I played a double track), and a slow choir sample doesn't really work all that well in such a fast paced piece, especially with all this extra reverb XD

Playing this awesome composition by Nobuo Uematsu was only a small side project, so I'll let it stand with its flaws :p

Maybe I'll upload more covers sometime; who knows?

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This is a phenomenal piece. I can’t wait to hear this play thousands of times over the next month or so :p

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah! This is the version I based my YouTube version on. Some people get tired of it, but I really like it :)

Man, it's some sort of perfect cover! ^______^

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahha, thanks a lot!
I probably could have managed to do a better production, but I like the arrangement I came up with :D

It's not the highest quality render imaginable, but the performance is wonderful, and I like the choirs, as 'lazy' as they might be. :D My favorite part is the high part that starts around 02:10.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey again! Thanks for reviwing so much stuff of mine :)
I'd love to return the favor, but alas I lack the time at the moment. I'll make sure to take a deeper look at your things at a later point though :D

I'm glad you liked my performance and the instruments :3
The part at 02:10 is actually quite a bit different than the original, but I like it too XD

My favorite Final Fantasy game!
This was an amazing cover! Your arrangement was beautiful, did you do it all in one take? can you share me some of your piano skills? :)
I like how you didn't take some of the errors out this will make it sound much more humanized. (I didn't really hear any mistakes though)
you should do "Back to Zanarkand" aswell :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Final Fantasy is a great series of games! FFX is my second favorite game from the series, without a doubt :D

I'm glad you liked my arrangement, and yes, I did it all in one take. There where a few small errors that just sounded so wrong I edited them out through the MIDI-file (I only did one recording of the piece, as I didn't have much time), but this track is mostly unedited (I ran the MIDI-file through the piano again once I had fixed it).

"can you share me some of your piano skills? :) "

=> Only if you share your amazing composing and mixing skills with me! :D

Yeah, usually I don't remove any errors at all. I think they're part of the playing, to the most part.
There are several mistakes, but it's always much more difficult for the listener to find them, I've noticed :p

You know, "To Zanarkand" is my favorite piano piece of all time, and the very first real piece that I ever learned, more than 5 years ago now. I can play it quite well, and I'm sure I'll record a version of it some day :D

Thanks again for reviewing and for being so awesome! ;)

Amazing. You're only getting better and better at piano.

"I kind of came up with the arrangement of(f) the top of my head while learning the chords and melodies." WHAT ARE YOU

I love the way you incorporate those beautiful arpeggios at places like 1:53. They seem a little bit off-tempo, but they sound so nice it's almost forgivable. :P

There also is a bit more reverb in this song than I'd like, but it's still great. While composition is important, rearrangement is another cool way to expand your musical abilities, and I think you're doing really well at that.

Great job! Loved it a lot.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks :)
That might be, but I'm not improving as fast as I'd hope to, as I barely have any time to spare for playing the piano :(

You know, if you keep correcting my grammatical errors in my descriptions (though I could swear I wrote it with two f's yesterday!), I'll just have to leave them there so that your reviews will make sense! XD

What am I? I dun knuw :3
When I began learning pieces I always looked up specific arrangements that I liked, and played pretty much exactly alike (from sheet music or a MIDI file for example).
As of late, I've been learning songs very loosely and played them kinda like I want. After a while I tend to stick with a certain arrangement of my own that has come from apparently nowhere. It's almost like writing your own piece, so learning is a lot faster, and playing the songs gets easier o.O

Those arpeggios are really fun to play (and perhaps not as difficult as some might think, although as you mentioned, the tempo is probably way off :p).
This is the result of me exaggerating my piano playing to the max :'D

The production after recording is less that half assed for sure :)

Might be that rearrangement is a good way to expand musical abilities, but I know I'd have a really hard time trying to come up with serious rearrangements of songs! If I try to put too much genuine thought behind what I'm doing, I'm destined to fail XD

Thanks again (I love your stuff a lot too!) XP

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Sep 20, 2014
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