A Night in the Attic

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It's a dark, rainy mid-autumn night. You received a call from your grandmother telling you to come and take a look at your old toys from decades ago, all locked away in dusty chests in her attic. But however silly it sounds, you remember stories of toys coming alive... and repaying their former owners in the exact same way they had been treated.

You freeze in fright: did you treat them well as a child? Or did you not, in which case you would have to endure possible dismemberment? To make matters worse, there is a sinister air about, and the light in the attic has burnt out, and you're meant to fix it while you hear the click-clack of toys in the background.....

The inspiration for this piece is as follows: @IrishChieftain has a chest filled with model trains, new and old, which is collecting dust in his workshop, and these trains are awaiting new tracks and a new home. That aside, there is also the attic, a section of the house which, for many people, is often filled with memories and curiosities waiting to be unearthed once again.

So I began to picture a journey through a dusty, dark attic, discovering long-forgotten toys, and bringing them back to life. I'm in the midst of writing an accompanying story for this piece, and will post the link in the description once it's finished.

The production of this piece turned out far simpler than I expected it to be, and I grew rather worried about it. But I suppose sometimes, simplicity works best. I played the piano, recorded glockenspiel, sound effects and vocals, and sequenced the other instruments. For sound effects, I had a kitchen timer, the case of my glockenspiel, and the thinner edges of the plastic mallets that came with them!

Used in this project:
Akai-Steinway III soundfont, by Denis.

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Listening to your audio and reading your author comment's did make me feeling like story with sound of music in the background. Pretty good audio and lovely voice. I had a good time visiting here xD

Troisnyx responds:

Oooh, glad to hear! 💖 Thank you so much for listening!

From someone who's skill is still developing, I'd say this is really good. You've definitely put together an atmosphere that matches perfectly with the description. All instruments are well played.

Everything blends nice, and as I mentioned to you earlier, you have a pretty voice! The harmonies and softness from your voice is a really nice touch to make this track have a very atmospheric and haunting feel.

This is really interesting to hear, and I like this quite a bit! Good job here, my friend. :)

oooooh, that atmosphere, so eerie and spooky, i love that, this should be some horror games soundtrack for sure! would fit in so perfectly, great flow with the melody, the choir fits in perfectly aswell! great job.
- Pandasticality

This is an NGADM Round 2 Review


Well, Trois, this was one of my favourites of the round. The atmosphere is rich, yet perfectly simple and quite creepy in a wonderful way. The glockenspiel is the star of this track, in my opinion. The way it bounces around in that toy-like fashion is marvellous (especially towards the end of the song). Your vocals are both haunting and enchanting, great work creating that two-fold feeling. Due to your voice, I can honestly say that I felt completely immersed in that dark attic with stitched-up teddy bears, and bent, broken action figures watching me from the corner of an old toy box. If there was any one thing about this track that I appreciated above all else, it was how you transitioned the song from a feeling of eeriness to that of wonder and awe starting at 3:56. I felt the execution was just right! It gave me a feeling of relief and nostalgia, like the toys were angry and upset at first, but then they became benevolent through a spark of life.

The piano sounded a little cliché at times, but I thought it made a great fit into the song at the same time. The mix could use work, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Certain instruments sounded quite muddled, the piano being the biggest offender. I also feel like your voice needed a bigger spotlight! Trois, you have a great voice, and it would have shined a lot brighter if it was brought up in volume and into the foreground, so to speak. Also, as much as I loved the glock, it was a tad loud at times. Nothing too serious, but something to be mindful of since it can become too sharp if played too hard.

Loved this song, you did an excellent job. I'm really looking forward to your next piece! :)

Score: 8.75/10

Troisnyx responds:

I wish you had a next piece to look forward to considering the context of this one... I am revisiting it one year on and it still pains me that I cannot give any better.

This is an NGADM Round 2 Review.


This is one of the most unexpected tracks of this round. Not only is it in a genre and style that isn't explored very often on Newgrounds, but it's by a person who very rarely makes this kind of music. I for one love this approach, and your execution of it is surprisingly adept. There are some immensely nice touches to this piece, such as your use of sound effects, your extremely fitting humming, the slight but very present ritardando that plays during every loud glockenspiel note (such as at 1:09), and the section around 4 minutes in where it turns into a more peaceful and cheery vibe, while still retaining the subtlety of the previous sections. In a track which takes a more simple route, it's touches like these that really become all the more appreciated.

Now to get down to the meat of the track - the composition. You've done it again - I absolutely love your chord progressions played eerily by the piano, and your control of motifs is once again unmatched. Your transitions are wonderfully solid, which makes for a very atmospheric listening experience with an uninterrupted flow. One of my favourite things about this would be how you used the instruments you had at your disposal. It's no secret your samples aren't the best, but this time round I actually think you used them very well. You were able to overcome the barrier of sample quality to the point that I don't even thing better samples would greatly improve this track. It sounds great as it is.

Like others have mentioned, your production is certainly improving. Your voice sounds more full-bodied, and overall the mix sounds more balanced. I think some sounds stand out a bit too much, such as the glockenspiel in particular. It feels too upfront at times fix this, and somewhat dry too. I would add more reverb to it, EQ out some of its highs and turn it down just a notch. My main issue with this is that I feel like there was a lot of room for you to diverge and really have a lot of fun with what you've got. While I do enjoy the subtlety in this track, there was room to add more warped effects and eerie sounds that add to the chilling atmosphere, and more room to add distinctive sections and new melodic ideas. For a piece that runs for nearly six minutes, while you did a good job in its execution, it feels limited in what it offers.

Either way, this is definitely one of the more memorable pieces this round. I loved your approach and I think you did a great job with this!

SCORE: 8.7/10

Troisnyx responds:

It wasn't memorable enough to everyone on the panel bar Neon-Bard, from what the scores tell me. Helpful as the review is, I cannot help but feel absolutely deceived. One year on, the sentiment still hasn't quite changed...

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Sep 7, 2014
4:05 PM EDT
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