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Back At It Again

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YO I'M BACK. HENCE THE SONG TITLE. Thanks to CJ Snow for the beat, and thanks to DJ Shak for mixing and mastering.


I'm back at it again with a vengeance,//
Like a crack addict who fled interventions// (matter fact)
I'm a rap addict arrested And sentenced'//
To the pen for the'sentences I invented with pens, bitch//

...Instrumentals injected with freshness//
Imma rhyme virus infection I spread in a message//
In possession of a pad & writing utensil at all times//
Since my cognitive thought process evolved to involve rhymes//

I swear to god I think in rhyme form it's making me crazy as Ray Finkle the day he became Einhorn//
Lying like I'm fine but in no way am I o-kay//
Writing and editing Kill Teq may really kill me//

Agressively assemblin' an album allowing any//
Assassins around accessibility at an attempt at me//
And you still curious what it is I been doin' lately?//
I'm still encouraging murdaraz to exterminate me//

(Damn,) I had a message I intended to send in this//
Yet I can't remember it 'cause I so heavily edited this//
Evidence every sentence I've ever penned is a testament//
To overobsession and overexcessive perfectionism, //

One more comparison to Nimbus the General//
Imma kick the shit out of his shriveled feminine genitals//
Incredible you know_ the most impressive flow//
Cuz errybody steppin up to challenge Teq's is toast//

I decided I had to take a hiatus from deadlines//
After navigating a path through the battle brackets with Teq's lines//
And what you saw as a defamation of character,//
Was really a professional defecatin' on amateurs/ ___________________________________________

I kid'napped every bracket in Clabtrap //
On a mission to kick ass and to win that and I did that, //
I dis'patched and I bitch slapped every rapper//
I battled in the last year and a half if you didn't hear about it//

I blazed a path through a gaggle of rap foes//
And a couple were mad dope and a couple were ass holes //
Eye-Cue you lacked class so I did what I had to//
And I smacked you with a back pack fulla rap rules //

Never intended to get in a vendetta//
My mission was for acceptance respect and to get better//
I half expected a positive im'pact//
Instead of getting discounted in diss track after diss track//

I earn wins Imma verb murderin' wordsmith//
You a turd burgalin' sperm gurgalin' cervix//
I got away from the game it was hectic//
So I left, now I'm back at it again with a vengeance//



This got a real underground/abstract hip hop feel to it. The mix of cryptic-genius instrumentals and the vast vocab expertise from Teq make this track stand out. The delivery of the vocals is effective, considering that it's more laid back and cool confident, rather then super hype and over emphasized. I think you use this calmer delivery much more effectively. Solid track gents.

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"I am back i will be chill with this"
First verse opens with:
I'm back at it again with a vengeance,//
Like a crack addict who fled interventions/

Well talk about chill XD, at least the beat is.

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Teqneek responds:

hahaha yeah the intro doesn't make much sense now that you mention it. Well, yeah it does in a way because I was kinda referring more to my tone, and of course the beat

To Teqneek:

I love your cadence and flow over the beat and like that you decided to continue rapping over the beat drop-outs instead of stopping like I've heard some others do. Some of the ad-libs are hard to make out, but all in all this is a great track.

To Shak:

The reason I voted 8/10 was because the beat fades out earlier than intended. If you could fix that, I'll be putting this up on my next LP.


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Teqneek responds:

Even with the extended beat link I sent you? Once I get your mix with the scratches and sampling applied, it'll be the finished version you hear on NG, YouTube, Bandcamp etc.

The latest link I sent you had an extra 30 or so seconds added at the end, which should be a good amount of time to work your magic and close out the track, right?

Aside from that, thanks man! It was a pleasure writing and recording over a CJ beat, and I'm sure we'll work together in the near future homie!

You're the dopest of dude, Teq. Not that I'm in any position, but I'm proud of you for putting all this work into your upcoming mixtape. I'm wicked psyched for it!

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Teqneek responds:

Thanks Sonic, YOU'RE THE DOPEST!

And this mixtape is going to be a mess, just to warn you haha. It's without real structure and if there was a theme, it would be chaos. These are the abandoned projects, the songs that missed the Kill Teq cut, some skits, and a few of my most recent battles. It should definitely be entertaining though, but the real album I want you psyched for is the one I've been obsessing over and pushing back the release date on for over a year now- Kill Teqneek. That's my baby and I am not releasing it until I think I've made the best damn hip hop album ever. Yeah I said it.

Also, YOU are one of the main artists here that I want to work with. Seriously. But I can't make promises anymore, and I really can't decide on which route to take with our hypothetical music collab project. If we did join forces though- I'm sure it would amount to something super awesome and way memorable, so yeah we gotta get crackin' on a collab one of these days for real.

I can tell you put your heart into this piece.

I thought just about everything was fantastic dude, from the rhymes schemes to the punches, alliteration, diction, and clever multisyllabics.

Really enjoyed the new style you crafted but I gotta agree with Kwing here, it does sound a bit awkward and unpolished but hey, thats okay. It really is, mastering something takes time, and this is an entirely different approach from your original demeanor.

Please dont take this as some passive aggressive insult. Im here to help you build yourself, otherwise I wouldve left some stupid one line comment just praising you. You cant raise your limits if you constantly receive positive feedback, its the assholes that make you stronger. Take this as intended, constructive criticism.

That being said, id like to transition to the things I feel you needed to work on.

1. Your flow gets really repetitive over time, especially over a sluggish bpm. Think about changing things up a bit over every couple bars.

2. Now this is a big one that stuck out. It was like watching Wolverine ice skating. Content. I can see how you came with the personal disses and the punches, but to me a big minus is the lack of creative topic. There is no message involved in this, therefore it is nothing more than a lesser track.

3. One thing I truly despise is unnecessary cussing. It shows lack of skill, it is merely a filler. Its great that you didnt over saturate your track with shallow vocab, but it was still done.. at the beginning of the song.

Anyhow, im glad to see you back at it again :D, ill be awaiting that tape of yours.

Keep it up, and lets get a collab going in the near future.

- Qwaint

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Teqneek responds:

Yo Qwaint I appreciate your thoughts for real man; kinda like the other side of the coin. But there are a few points I kinda want to address, which I'll cover in the novel I wrote below.

I want you to know that I fully invite and encourage constructive criticism. And viewed by themselves, many of Kwing's reviews would hold weight with me- they're well-written, polite in tone, are very thorough... with some of the most baffling logic I've ever heard.

My side of the coin- In the past few months I sat and watched as this guy named Kwing appear, out of nowhere- and proceed to negatively review almost all my work...

He voted against me in every battle I've done, even obvious wins. And if the guy just doesn't seem to dig my stuff, I'm cool with that...

Butttt I already know a Kwing review of a Teq song is gonna be yet another "you need to step your game up"-type review, and I'm not gonna keep taking him seriously. Nor do I like seeing the most recent review of EVERY SONG I'VE UPLOADED HERE to be negative, and that's what it is now. Every song of mine someone clicks on- the first thing they see is Kwing describing my mediocrity. lol...

Aside from point 2, the things you mentioned are aspects I have been really focusing on for a while now, just so you know. And thanks for the review btw homie, I appreciate your input, even if I disagree to an extent. Okay here goes-


1. ---Your flow gets really repetitive over time, think about changing things up a bit over every couple bars.---

Almost every song I've done since my first album, I have made it a point to switch my flow and delivery up every 4-8 bars. I swear to god haha, if you listen to my songs enough you'll eventually notice that the flow changes a lot. Subtly maybe, but it does change often, as that's something I've consciously made sure to do. But I'll work harder at variety, along with everything else as always.


2. ---Content. I can see how you came with the personal disses and the punches, but there is no message involved in this, therefore it is nothing more than a lesser track.---

This is a mixtape song. All my upcoming Kill Teqneek album tracks deal with a specific issue or tell a story. But the sole purpose of this is to update people on what I've been up to, and to bring new listeners up to speed. It does exactly what I intended it to do. Although... I did address, in-song, the fact that I edited this so much that the original message was lost (even though it wasn't lost, since I only intended this to serve as an update/introduction to me, why I took a break, and what I've been up to, to this point).


3. ---One thing I truly despise is unnecessary cussing. You didn't over saturate your track with shallow vocab, but it was still done.---

I've been working so hard at not using filler curse words. But sometimes I want to throw in a dirty word or two anyway, just because that kind of talk is ingrained in both myself and hip hop in general. But if you compare ANY song from my first album to this, you'll see that a random old Teq song has about 25 cuss words in it, and in my new stuff, filler is rare. 2 cuss words (one of them being a non-lyric ad-lib) in a song like this is A-okay in my book.

I thank you for your review though brutha; you brought up some good points, and I definitely want to collab with you sometime in the near future, and possibly on a Kill Teqneek album track.

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