Vicious Existence

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Lyrics below: This is a song from my debut album 'Superiority Complex'. It's about how we all just sit there and let our lives be run by a bunch of greedy idiots. Beat by Matt Struzinsky. Enjoy!

BTW- I just dropped a new mixtape. GO GET DAT!

We’re livin in the land of the free, home of the brave
Where the wealthy are the masters and the rest are the slaves
Call it survival of the fittest muthafucka come on son
We only gonna blow ourselves to bits in the long run

Shit- I might survive til I’m 95
With grandkids and a wife if I got the drive
But times are tough we livin in a vicious existence
A generation that’ll grow up prolly wishin they didn’t

And now we rippin ourselves, tearin apart at the seams
With broken bank accounts, lives, hopes, hearts, and dreams
I mean look man- I cant be the only one
Who’s sayin fuck the world with a loaded gun

They got me- medicated by the G.O.V.
I take a zombified ride to the D.O.C.
I think it’s kind of ironic because I’m visiting Doug
And he got buried in the system for possession of drugs

And who the fuck are they to tell us what's illegal or not
Prescribe us poison but they sayin’ that we can’t smoke pot
I never seen a couple joints directly ruin a family
But we takin medication that’s pollutin our sanity

Fuckin vanity government can’t admit the calamity
An alterior motive set to abolish humanity
But we sit back with our eyes closed as we pose
For a portrait of the forward progression that we froze

They milk us dry it’s a disgrace and a shame
We’re just a nine digit number not a face or a name
We movin back but opportunity it hasn’t ended
We gotta go and take control don’t leave it unattended

>Make an escape from the position you’re in
Because our history’s been written by the villain who wins
Deliverin sins it ends before it ever begins
They’re telling us we have a voice & then they muzzle our grins

And now we livin in perpetual prisons of indecision
Gullible and vulnerable with invincible visions
Malicious intentions, conveniently they failed to mention
That the illusion they created was a wicked invention<

Enjoy the weather 75 degrees in December
I remember when the trees would drop leaves to breathe better
Either way I’m out chillin with a beer and a crack torch
To illuminate the view of hell on earth from my back porch

Livin in a falsification of sweet dreams
We depend upon an organization of street thieves
And they takin what they can and what the fuck to we get back?
A federal equivalent of seventy bitch slaps

And it’s evident in all the legislation that pass through
They can poke prod pry profile and harass you
We gotta make it or break it our time is comin soon
We gotta take to the streets or become a fuckin tomb

We getting taught how to mindlessly follow you
No chance of individuality as they silence you
We'd break our back tryin to fight the war
But aint a thing is gonna change til we ignite the core-

(HOOK x 2)

Prepare yourself for an inevitable downfall
You gonna become a follower or an outlaw
Take it for what it is because this a global warning-
We gotta conquer the night so that we can see the morning

Get the fuck off whatever glowing box that you’re glued to
And take it to the people manipulating what you do
The dollar isn’t worth shit economy is worthless
Our bank account is empty I don’t think we deserve this

Counter the punches or get black and blue kid
You kid you better fuckin know what to do kid
We getting scammed by the people watchin over us
We better plan because they’ll soon be takin over us

The revolution will be televised
And we’ll be chillin on the couch
Watching us take each other out

*if you read this far imma punch you


Holy shit, I had no idea you had tracks like this. Very strong Jedi Mind Tricks influence here, but the style is still highly distinguished. This is some real poetry man. The flow and rhymes are both real tight, although at some points the flow felt SLIGHTLY redundant - some triplets or maybe something as simple as singing in the hook might have given the track some more variety.

Best shit I've ever heard from you.

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Teqneek responds:

Thanks Kwing. Hope all is well with you.

It's funny how this is not even a stones throw away from what most people are thinking and feeling,
but yet there aren't enough people doing what needs to be done.

Songs like this light fires and make great changes, that's word right there.

Good shit Teq, I really felt this one in my chest.

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Teqneek responds:

I appreciate it man; it's always great to read reviews like this!

Wow this is pretty poignant. The observation about history is won by the victors and the bit about the government taxing the population with war reparations then when you complain they slap you I mean that is the exact problem with the current prison planet. Ah man. Probably your best song period. I really did hate you Teq. So when you make this kind of music I can't.

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Teqneek responds:

Thanks man; glad you liked it. I have some stuff like this coming with the new album.

This was the best song off of the LP.

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Teqneek responds:

Thanks man, I was definitely proud of this when I made it. And I still am!

Kinda want to re-record it now though, as with all the songs from that album lol.

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