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Long blissed out tune. Guitar, Rhino, Crystal, FreeAlpha,FL. 96kbpsvbr. reviews?


This is a good work

This track has a lot of good ideas, i've liked the sounds and the atmosphere the track tries to create but i found a little bit boring the adding of a bunch of voices without giving the melody a.."path".
Armonic variations, something like that.
There's no -tense- and no -release-, just (cool) voices added one after another.
Well, this is only my opinion! :)

pitbulljones responds:

Hmmmmm, you don't really know my style of music do you? I don't take offence you make a very valid point, but songs don't always need melody to constitute something thats decent. Constructing soundscapes, building up an atmosphere and developing a feeling, an emotion are far more important to me than a melody. I'll leave a singer to do that. Im just a humble musician who plays guitar and dabbles in computer music. but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

thanks for the review.



Lovely track. That trippyness at 52 seconds is noice. Beautiful and original melody too. Very Boards of Canada, and that is a ginormous compliment. You could of done some filtering on the strings to make them sound more Radiohead like. If you lowered the pitch on your drum samples it would sound very KingBastard. Anyways, this song is beautiful. It touches me <-- ( I know how you'll reply to that. Lol )


pitbulljones responds:

cheers watercolour for your review. Everyone keeps commenting on this trippyness. i can't really see it myself lol. anyways thankl you for your compliments, means a lot. You have a couple of suggestions i could think about using too, i.e the strings and pitching the drums. haha my song touches you at night.


nice build up of timbres. don't know if it was intentional, but when something loops and it almost cuts, that is sick. ooh, nice distant synth a little while after the drums come in, nice. is a cool track, sounds a bit like er, whatdya call em?... arcade fire, without the annoying whining voice.

pitbulljones responds:

Al;reet mate, No that cut isn't intentional, it's a mixing problem from conversin from midi to audio, don't know why at all.

yea that synth i cud have brought forward in the mix but i thought best to keep it low as it comes in ad out of the mix. anyways thanks very much for the review, i'll bob by and review you shortly.


Personally, I don't mind the lo-fi feel...it gives it character. Really great chord movements and tone tweaking on the continual tracks. Great stuff, pitters!

pitbulljones responds:

cheers triskele for the short and beautiful review, lol. i think the lo-fi feel works on this track, tho i don't think it was intentional, excpet for the orppening organ synth which programmed to sound very lofi, tis only 3 chords throughout this song, but sometimes the simplest things work well.

thanks again.


whats with the clips?

sounds like you patched it together in parts.. also stereo wasnt the best - dunno what you used to make the song... i think itd have been better if the stereo quality had been better personally.. and a lot of what ljcoffee said as well. It's a nice tune tho. Quality makes the song suffer tho tbh.


pitbulljones responds:

I hadnt patched any of this until final mixing, i bounced all the midi to audio so i could get the levels and panning right, add fx etc etc and when it cameto the mixdown the clciks showed up. the stereo mix, wa down tot hthe fact i mixed this in the midi sequencer preset of cubase, which routes everything to the buss, i had no stereo out, so i think that may have affected the quality. aye i agre on most of your points tho, and its a shame that the sound quality has to suffer just to get it to fit on here.

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3.65 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2006
6:45 AM EDT
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