Enenra 1.0

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I decided to entwine the sounds of two worlds: Orchestral music and electro has never blended so perfectly. Have a good listen!

Take care.



Hey Hypno :)
Here is review for you. You were kindly advising me to structure my future projects. So here is a neatly structured review for you dear:

|0.0 - 1.15|
I like the orchestra, sounds nice Flows nice, especially with the dynamic chords. Also I like the xylophone(ish) in the background in 0.45. Hmmm, WHAT? Wait a minute! This does not sound like dubstep!

*Reads the description *facepalms

Nice bass! Simple, but yet effective bass. Like minded, I think it is not necessary with the skrillex sound to call a song dubstep. The percussion is fitting the bass and the ochestra nicely, not over the top.

Nice background melody here. Flows to a different section for both the orchestra and the dubstep bass/drums. I guess this is the chorus, since all parts are playing here. Missing a little more punch in the pronounced parts (like choruses).

Nice outro for what you got from the last sections. Cannot really say much here :)

Nice idea! It could fit perfectly in a commercial for something cool/rough , and classic/elegant at the same time. Like a car with different driving modes. The idea of blending two genre is hard to get it right. But you pulled it off. Nice job!

The mixing could be better. If you compress the kick and the bass more, you could maximize and get a more punchy sound. Be aware, when you compress bass, you lose a bit of the low end. An EQ would fix that. Compress things to glue things together basically.

Other than that is a job well done. Keep up enjoy making music!


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HypnoSophistication responds:

Thanks you very much for the constructive criticism! Hope you make some new stuff soon, really like what you're doing.

Take care.


I think the mixing needs more work. The instruments aren't eq'd well imo, particularly the strings. Or maybe I just don't like the mastering. The kick and snare volumes need to be adjusted a little. The transitions need work too. You simply went from one part of the song to the other with out any transition. You can use snare rolls, sweeps, reverse crashes, and many other things. The ending seemed really rushed to me.

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Oct 3, 2013
2:44 PM EDT
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