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I decided to publish two tracks today!

A powerful Dub track (not quite Dubstep, but Newgrounds shows the main genres only) and my first attempt at this genre.

Lots of effects and enhancements (like bass enhancement) and some distinguishable sections.
This is a very acquired taste, so some people will love it, others hate it. It sounds very typical to the underground UK Dub scene, but of course it's just me messing around with sounds. : P

Reviews appreciated, but make criticisms constructive so I know how to improve.


Alright, let's take it from the top.

The intro was, to put it simply, boring. You had a drum line and a single, repeating synth melody, and it took 20 seconds to get out of that.

The rest of your song was, easily, much, much better. The melodies you used were nice, although somewhat repetitive. I get that 'underground' vibe that it gives off, which means it has a nice atmosphere. There was one part at 1:19 where there was a pause and I completely lost the beat of the song. You should probably try and avoid that, because most people who get into the feel of a song feel a bit strange when there's a half-second skip that messes up the tempo.

The bassline is the gem of the song. I think what you could've done was to introduce a simple bassline in the beginning and slowly make it more and more complex through the song, adding different higher-pitched melodies to it as it went along. At least, that's probably how I would've approached it. Still, your way was great as well. As Lockyn put it, it was "spacey". I think that's a great term for this piece.

It's a good piece that explores different effects and patterns. But how the hell does it have 155 downloads and only 125 plays?!

FortressLord responds:

The glitchy stat system is where. : /
I kinda forgot about this old track but thanks for giving it a helpful review.

This is a really interesting one.

I'm not sure if I can really appreciate this properly - I never was a big fan of UK garage, dub, grunge, 2-step, etc. but I do really enjoy the interesting spacey, clean basses that are characteristic of some of those genres. I loved the basses you used in this piece. The first one at :38 was really interesting - really does sound like a trance bass. Then the bass after, that one was really nice. Drum patterns definitely remind me of 2-step and uk dub. Your mixing is pretty solid. I would say that the only thing that really bothered me was your lack of variation when repeating some of the basses after the 2:30 mark - some different patterns would have added some nice flair. Over all though, nice bass design, nice rhythms, catchy and enjoyable. Good work!

FortressLord responds:

I noticed the repetitiveness at around 2:30. Any future versions will have that cut out and a more lead-like kinda thing added, maybe an improvement on the bass with glitching at 03:00.

Thanks for reviewing, sorry I didn't feel like a detailed response, but know that I always read and meditate on all reviews!

To preface this quick review, I'm not much of a fan of dubstep. It just doesn't do anything for me, usually. That being said, this song is damn catchy. I'm really liking it. The beat is solid and the bass lines have some interesting patterns.

Now, there are several ways you could improve it in my opinion. First, the way the song is set up, it's kind of repetitive, but there's awesome content sprinkled about that could have been used to mix things up. In various parts of the song you introduce new sounds, but only for a few patterns and then you either never revisit the sound again later in the song, or you do sparingly. You had some great things going on in there that I would have liked to hear more of, while hearing less of that 'main' pattern that dominates most of the song.

Also, the low, clean bass that starts at 0:38 is absolutely delicious. Seriously nice sound. You did revisit it a few times later in the song, but it was pretty much just a repeat of the previous pattern. I'd love to hear some more interesting things done with it. This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the above suggestion.

In the end it seemed like you had a lot of fantastic ideas, and I could hear them peaking out, but you didn't take enough chances. Considering that, you still created a catchy song that was fun to listen to.

FortressLord responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! The positives were very nice, and the negatives were honest and constructive, reviews like that help me out.

FACT: The entire track was originally a bass heavy trance using variants of the 0:38 tune, until the bass became so big I deleted other parts and added more dub-sounds.

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3.77 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2013
12:26 PM EDT
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