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loss of innocence

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Maybe not everyone will like this one because it's slow and poorly mixed but it's one of my favorite songs I've written.

Perhaps it's a warm up for NGADM. I've been running into some writers block recently but it seems like it's gone now.


I don't usually give five star ratings.... but when I do... Just kidding, Anyways This is an amazing piece. I actually spaced out a bit just listening to it, In your description you wrote "slow and poorly mixed" But first of all the slow, calm, mello feeling is what I like about the song, and it isn't poorly mixed at all in my opinion. you did a great job when you made this... it hurts me physically knowing it took me this long to find it.

johnfn responds:

Ahh, this song! I like this one too. :-)

It's fun that when I upload stuff you always have new things to listen too. Usually things of the same intent too. :3

I like the white noise btw. good frequency filler.

I'm not here to critique anything though. I just like listening. I enjoyed it ;d

johnfn responds:

Ha! It's actually some rain that I filtered. It's one of my favorite tricks because not only can it sound like a white noise sweep, but when you fully open the filter, you get some instant sad ambience.

Glad you liked it! You must be the first person not to complain about the crashes xD

I agree with Door and QWERTY. In terms of cymbals to use, you might want to have considered dark suspended cymbals, and not have them peak with a quick drop off, more of a sustained sound. But I did enjoy the rain sound, maybe about 2:15, give it a muffled *not muted* sound, and have it get gradually louder towards the end, and slowly die off, without abruptly ending. I did enjoy your continuous melody though, and it does make for a good loop, along with you counter-sections.

johnfn responds:

Lol I now have heard this from 4 different people. I won't ever make that mistake again :D

I'm not currently familiar with different types of cymbals so I will check into your suggestion!

I do agree with TheDoor6. The Cymbals weren't really that necessary. They do ruin the mood, and that's partially because of the type of cymbal that you used. perchaps you should use a light gong or some concert cymbals. Also, I think that the wind at the end should just slowly fade away instead of just ending abruptly.

johnfn responds:

Yeah, your criticisms are correct. Will keep them in mind for next time :-)

I love the instruments and the sound effect that sounds like rain. The emotion is fantastic. I didn't think you needed that crash at 1:04,1:26, 1:48, and wherever else it comes in. It ruins the mood a bit. However, the structure is good, and it even loops pretty well. Nice work as always! :D

johnfn responds:

Ha! I was really on the edge with that crash. On one hand it *is* the only percussion in the song... but on the other hand, without it, the transitions seem a lot more abrupt. Maybe I should have just turned it down. Thanks for dropping by :-)

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Jul 20, 2013
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