MDJ vs Teqneek

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This is a grudge battle in the blind 32 vs 32 format between Mark Johnson (formerly known as Emergency to any oldfags) and Teqneek. The beat is custom produced by AxTekk and the vocals were mixed by AxTekk. Right after voting for a winner, go and throw money at AxTekk.


Mark Johnson:

I ain't even wrote, I'll record next week,
Cause from birth I heard don't sweat the Teqneek
Man drop the Neek, and then Drop the T,
And for the first time ever make it to Round 3!

Battled Nick first round, no punchlines,
Battle Nick again, still no punchlines,
Multis here, and some generics there,
And that's cool and all, but personals are nowhere.

I got no life man? Practice what you preach,
You're whiter than a Wii and you live on a beach.
Somebody give this crazy dude some medicine,
Guys, quick! Quick! Teq thinks hes BigRed again!

Dude walks around, thorn up his ass,
I think you need some pussy Teq, why you so mad?
Want more talent up in HDC?
Alright, first things first, get rid of Teqneek.

It's no exposure, its over, you're so wack!
Dropped 20 Tracks, then flopped, Money Back!
Can't even master his own, no hirin,
Like family, all I hear is BYRON!

So raw, Sunra hit on you, dawg!
Get over yourself. Ya heads blown right off!
Lost to War Spawn, wait, won by 1 vote,
From a bias fan, what a fuckin joke.

That entire battle, you wouldn't shut up,
About bias votes and how its all just luck,
Unless they're in YOUR favor, right Teq?
Smack you with my left and then ask am I right yet

Lyin to ya friends, claimin I started this,
I know about that but sure as hell finish it,
You want HDC? That's just fine with me,
Between the lies and guys, fit in great with mickey!


You just a fucking Kentuckian Fried Chicken
You whine and you bitch at Glitch as you hiding behind women
You made a mistake and angered a massive attack master
Who came to erase the name of a Vagisil ass-clapper

Complete with a bad habit deceitful and mad wack
And creating a reputation of fleeing from rap battle
Emergency is a natural at tricking a lyricist
Into battling while you magically disappearing from it

And I will commit a hate crime,
If your gay lines ever try to escape the state line,
Then you may find Teq outside waiting with 8 nines,
Waving a gang sign I'll- certainly murder a nervous virgin who can't rhyme

This amateur couldn't damage a damn snail
Man you should prolly abandon command of ya damn label
You can't book a damn gig and you can't sell a damn record
You aint being taken seriously for a damn second

Teq is doin' it and doin' it well
Evirgincy Recording Studio is burnin' in hell
You need to double up your Midol dose
Instead of crying all the time while ya vagina flows

And it's egregious you believing in Jesus
While reaching for penis and I aint even being facetious
How the fuck, you claiming morals and charity can't exist
Unless the bible is involved you an ignorant ass bitch

An Emotional rollercoaster the shittiest battle host
An' you calling on me for tournament tips when you got in over
Ya head so you beggin' Teq to help you run your own show
You disregarded me now ya tournament blows goats

You literally said you were gonna verbally murder me
Now Evirgincy deserving some Emergency surgery
Better- plea to the devil to be on the level Teq is on you-
Feeble illiterate hypersensitive leprechaun

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Ugh, why did Teq have to double his entire fucking verse? Made it much harder to listen to, yuck. That's not to say Q-Sik's vocals sound great either - way too quiet. Maybe that's just his delivery, I don't know.

Q-Sik - Bodied with personals. EQ is a nice one. Multis and no personals is not so much a good line as it is an important one that needs to be said. Rhyme scheme is, as a whole, pretty weak. 20 tracks is okay, Byron line is pretty solid. The War-Spawn battle seems a lot like nitpicking and a waste of bars but I also like that you touched on the bias votes. One of the reasons I find it hard to sympathize with Teqneek is because half the time I scroll down to write a review I find him bitching about the votes, either in his own review or in responses. In this sense, that whole strain of bars is like a slow, badly-aimed punch that Teqneek was dumb enough to walk into. Last four bars seem kind of contrived.

Teqneek - Q-Sik vs Glitch happened two years ago. DUDE. Kentucky line is decent but it's more of a reference than a diss. I totally get why you tried to flip a gay diss after Rav vs Emergency, so no points off for making a false prediction. I like how you smudged "can't rhyme" in order to rhyme. Very clever bar, works out in your favor. Then you come with four bars that all have 'damn' as the penultimate word. Four bars about religion made me cringe. For fuck's sake dude. Really? REALLY? I feel like I'm reading rhyming YouTube comments. Shitty battle host is a decent line, Blest told me enough for me to understand that this is a definite personal.

I feel like I'm being really unfair voting against Teq all the time even as he out-flows and out-rhymes his opponents, but I really do judge based on personals, and honestly Teq had a lot of lines that brought himself down as well. You referenced prescription medication twice, vaginas twice, penises twice, and you called your opponent a leprechaun. I do appreciate multis, but if you're writing multis for two consecutive lines of filler there's really nothing special about it. Try coming up with one or two personals that form a multisyllabic rhyme and writing another bar or two of filler around that.

Also, I think it's really funny how you two are both hypersensitive and how you both called each other out on it. Mark as a host and Teqneek as someone who can't stop talking about the voting system.

Q-Mark-ency for the win. Teqneek is more than capable of winning battles (seeing as he officially won this one) but he needs to start stacking some wit on top of his technique (har har).

AxTekk responds:

ayo always interesting to see how other people heard this battle bruh. I'd probably choose Mark too, just cause I find him fucking hilarious and he was so damn steezy on this track but honestly I couldn't pick. Thing with Teq is that he always gives you this hilariously over-the-top spectacle whenever he goes in. I think seeing Teq perform this kinda ridiculously verbose, flowsy, hyperenergetic straight-from-the-heart shit while spitting about people being leprachauns and blowing goats might make people appreciate his style more. Teq is pure spectacle.

EDIT: also lmao at the Teqneek thing
it's blatantly just cause I dissed you for liking Teq and Fats bruh
no other plausible explanation

Newgrounds song its better than i thought

Dammit, I'm always late to the good battles.

Lyrics are all listed above, so I'll just give a quick rundown.

I liked Teqneek in this one. It was a close battle, both rappers brought big bars and heavyweight personals. I felt like he was finally getting some good switching up to his flow, so he is improving. I give the win to Teq as well.

Game of inches. Teq's strenths were Mark's weaknesses and vice versa. Mark had the most clever line of the battle with the drop the T and eek part, and overall his flow was better than I've heard of him in the past, and Teq put on a multifest.
Pros and Cons:
Mark: pros: good flow, sounded more comfortable in the beat, a few clever angles and wordplay. cons: punches were pretty generic in spots, drawing attention to a battle Teq won, wack/track/back is the most overused rhyme scheme in hip hop, a little too casual.
Teq: pros-some nice multi schemes that managed to stay on topic. more energy/enthusiasm.
weaknesses: good amount of filler and self praise, overuse of multis, overuse of the intro to gain favor.
Truthfully, this battle shouldn't give anyone bragging rights because it was pretty much equal. No one got bodybagged. But since I have to vote, I'd pretty much duplicate most of what Wyze said and lean towards Teq in an otherwise tie vote just based on effort, execution and showmanship.

From listen, what I could really tell is that MDJ sounds low on the beat, and Teq is recycling his flow from previous battles. Regardless, this is still a solid battle.

Firstly, MDJ comes in with a pretty solid verse. He comes with some decent personals, good over all flow, but lacks consistency with the volume of his voice. And though obviously his rhyme scheme isn't as complex as Teq's, he makes up for it personals. I just found it weird he called Teq out for no punchlines, then barely uses any himself. My main gripe with this verse is the delivery. This beat is fast paced, and Mark is sounding like he just woke up and went to do a session on the corner. I feel he just needs more presence on the beat, and needs to say shit with his chest.

Teq is basically doing what Teq does. Multi's everwhere. But since he's going in with multis, he is only able to fit in a few personals here and there. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely personals in the verse, but most of it is things that could be said to anyone. He went in trying to predict what Mark was going to use, and actually came up short with thinking Mark would use a gay line. I also find it ironic Teq would talk about guns (8 nines), but then gave me so much shit for doing it. Also, Teq needs to record his verses a different way, because the double up all the way through has gotten pretty repetitive.

I give this to Mark by a smidgen. Though when both used personals, ya'll really didn't do anything with them. Real lack of punch lines as well from both contenders. However, Mark is more consistent with personals, whereas Teq's seemed too general. To be honest though, if Teq were to go in switching his flow up from his comfort zone, I'd given it to him. But it really does sound like he's taking the core syllable count from previous verses, and just writes over it to new people.

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Hip Hop - Olskool
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