Winter Hunt

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The piece opens with the pristine, gentle snow-draped forested landscape, with flakes falling slowly from the sky. Into this scene, three noblemen out hunting ride slowly through the snow-covered land in single-file, bows in hand and wrapped in furs. They are weary from their travels, but keep their eyes open in hopes for something to bring back to the castle. They catch sight of a deer in the distance, and set off in pursuit. As the draw near, it runs in fright with the sound of their shouts, claxon cry, and galloping steeds. Faster they urge their horses, but to no avail! Alas, the deer disappears into a thick hedge where no horse could ride. Exhilaration, but defeated, they turn around and ride slowly back into the white land, disappearing the pristine wilderness as the deer emerges to return to its search for food.

This is my NEW entry for Bosa's contest. After witnessing the incredible energy and array of styles in use, I decided it would be best to write a more heartfelt and, well, less cliche piece. In this piece, a simple motif is used brought through a series of variations to evoke moods. Certain instruments have partial symbolism of the story (which was derived from the song, not written before I began, so it is slightly spontaneous).

About two hours went into the composition, with an additional hour towards additional mixing and mastering. As usual, no compression was used. WYHIWYG. :D

For any theory folks out there, if you listen closely, there are some neat things going on - first off, although the piece experiences a change from a D Minor/G Minor variation to G Major/D Major variation. There are several harp glisses with are actually G Harmonic Minor, giving it a neat feel.

Feel free to give any feedback, comments, ideas, or alternate interpretations (especially those!) on this piece!

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Only 3 hours? I would love to do such amazing music in this time but im learning, what programm do you use?

samulis responds:

Never give up! I hope the size and subtle evolution of my tracks here on newgrounds so far shows you that the key to making music like this is to never give up and to always keep trying new ideas and experimenting. I can promise you that if you put in the time and a little money here and there, you will certainly write music far better than me one day. If you ever want some in-depth constructive critique, drop me a line and I'd be glad to listen to some of your work! :D

I use Finale, it's a notation program (designed for making scores, not really for creating digital music). I would not recommend using it if you are thinking about making digital music, unless you plan on selling sheet music or something like that... I only use it because it is what I have and it's the first audio program I was taught to use formally.

the title suits this perfectly

samulis responds:


The story came out nicely after I finished the piece... It's funny that I wrote this as winter approaches.

This is really really good. Some very personal remarks:

-- Love the opening drums.
-- I kind of "knew" from the intro that there would be this epic transition where the song "opens up" and moves to a grand, faster section. First at 0:47 I thought it's coming, and it didn't. Then at 1:00 I thought it was coming and didn't. It finally came at 1:10. Which was a small letdown because it wasn't THAT epic... and I was faked twice already.
-- This can be fleshed out so much more. I think it has potential to be on the NickPerrin -- Windswept level kind of awesome. Right now it feels painfully incomplete. You gave us a GREAT appetizer, and the tantalizing smell of an otherworldly entree is coming through the kitchens. And then it's over! Now I'm hungrier than when I came in!

So yeah, this is one of the most reluctant 10's I've ever given. Now pretty pretty pretty please go and finish this song.

samulis responds:

Unfortunately, this piece is finished. I write short pieces, and that is simply what I do. When I write longer works, they ramble far too much to be enjoyable. In fact, even at this length, I found it rambled quite a bit just to not sound like a broken record like most pop songs do these days.

Perhaps one day (maybe 200th submission or 150th or some contest) I will write a truly long piece, but it will be one that will take weeks, and require far more preemptive planning that any piece I have written so far (I normally just sit down and write- no plans, no forms, making it up as I go along, which is a style that I find to create far more meaningful works than the more analytical approach of actually planning things).

As for the depth of the piece, you really have to think about what I am trying to depict here. There's no massive army of thousands or glorious kingdom in a golden sunset, so I honestly have no reason to go full-out (contrary to popular belief and Hollywood theory). Instead, I create a piece that has calm elements and a smaller, slightly more intimate (yet still very broad) feel to it and a sound that suggests an era long ago. I'm honestly not interested in being NickPerrin; he is a fabulous guy and I would hate it if I stole his unique style as my own... same with any other Newgroundser or composer. As the title of a bawdy tune from the era I depict, "My Thing is My Own"... I celebrate my style for what it is- cinematic with a taste of neo-romanticism and the slightest hint of minimalism. This song is that- it is me. Short, to the point, yet still expressive and rich in nature, although lacking the flamboyance of eras long past and the excess of Hollywood scores. That's how I write music unless someone commissions me to do otherwise.

Thank you for your kind review, I will take your suggestion into consideration... but it will take a while. ;)

Really emotional and well written, you sir are a great composer!
The percussion is really well used and does wonders when combined with those strings at 00:38, its one of my personal favorite part of the song, love the harps as well.
When someone is able to make themselves cry with their song you know it is awesome xD

samulis responds:

Wow... I am thrilled you found the emotional quality that rich. I am always thrilled when I can change a mind with mere notes. Since my NGADM entry, I have been working to implement more percussion in my pieces, and it sounds like I have reached a good amount! :D

Thanks again for the great comment!

super cool man, i like how everything is

samulis responds:

Thanks man, glad you like it.

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