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Dayum (NGADM)

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NewGrounds Audo Death Match 2012

Made using Fl Studio 10, Sytrus and a bunch of other shtuff :3


The choirs were an interesting addition to this mostly electronic song. Dubstep is a weak genre for me to analyze however. This song was interesting to hear, although I couldn't really pick out anything of note except the choirs. Other than the volume being a tad too loud IMO, I couldn't find anything else wrong with this track, other than maybe I didn't find it particularly outstanding.

The bitcrushed, delayed synth that starts off the tune and permeates it throughout is pretty cool on its own, and with some reverb that could make for a really nice and lush intro. Unfortunately that is the only melodic sound I could find at all interesting or even pleasant. Every synth has the same bright, biting harsh high end, which leads to the rather unusual case of a song with a perfectly clear low end, but a muddy and overcrowded high end. It also makes it difficult, if not downright masochistic to listen to at higher volumes. The drums have both meat and punch, but sound fantastically ordinary.

Similarly with the song structure. Most of the song is a sameish collection of short wobbling synth melodies same driven by the dubstep-influenced beats. During the last half, almost nothing happens that hasn't already happened during the first half. Thankfully you had the sense to place a calm, well balanced part at 2:25 to break it up a little.

Finally, you get some points for the occasional clever programming, panning and polyphonic riffs. They do show off some DAW-handling skill, but are far from enough to raise the score by very much.

5 points for sounds and instrumentation.
5 points for composition and melody/harmony.
5 points for theme/originality/other things that might impress.

Overall impression: 5.0

Those angry wub wubs....

Choirs... dubstep... good mix, this combination makes me very happy, and overall this really did sound good. It's come to a point where I don't have to see your name attached to a song to be able to tell it's yours just from the instruments, you have a very cool and unique sound, and that definitely works in your favor. Everything sounds clean and well thought out.
What I really like is how raw the bass is. It doesn't sound ridiculously over processed like you were trying to put all the weight of the song on the bass itself. And I love how you incorporate an underlying melody to help the bass along, and it sounds very natural.

Unfortunately though, this does suffer from severe repetitiveness. And while the change ups are a nice to hear when they do eventually happen, they often felt forced and just sort of tagged on just to keep the flow of the song going.
My biggest suggestion to avoid this would be to cut down the track length significantly, as you really don't have enough going on here to keep listeners interested for a full 5 and a half minutes, and it very quickly loses its appeal after listening for a couple minutes due to the repetitive nature.

I still really enjoy the stuff you put out, and the instruments I think work very well with what you do... but the repetitiveness of this really killed it for me. 6/10.

Here is your personal review for your round 1 submission! Remember that the score might be a little lower than I would normally give, I'm being a tad harsher than I'd normally be for the NGADM.

The Good:
-Your instruments are actually pretty good. A bit too much distortion for my tastes, but still.
-Oh man, that chording. Clever.
-The dubstep wobbles are pretty well-made. And it actually is dubstep - the bass makes up the tune.
-CHOIRZ. I LOVE these in this song. ...probably because it's the only instrument that's not distorted or harsh. It's nice to have some lotion after being rubbed in gravel at noon for five minutes.

The Not-So-Good:
-Okay, you probably know this. This song is repetitive to an extreme degree. I am not impressed by this. It really, really needs some other melodies and ideas, even if it's not the bass making them.
-Eventually the distortion on most of the instruments started hurting my ears. It would have been nice if you had a calmer section - that also would have helped the repetitiveness of the song a lot as well.
-The transition at 4:16-4:21 could have been done a lot better.

Overall: It's pretty meh to me. Not much variation, DEFINITELY not in the overall feel of the song. Also, and this may be a personal thing, but there's just too much distortion. I don't want bleeding ears. :( From everything I've said, I'll have to give this song a 6/10.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review


Well, this track certainly lives up to its name, haha. It's really 'out there' in terms of sounds and effects. As usual you strive to make something original and it works out. However, there are a few glaring problems with this track.

First off, your sounds are really interesting. They're all really rough and fairly well-mixed. 1:39's bass is just crazy in terms of roughness. I literally feel like it's roaring at me, which is almost undoubtedly the effect you intended on going for. The drums are also very fat and powerful, which is, of course, imperative for dubstep since generally the kicks and snares are all really spaced out from each other and need power in each hit to make a difference.

Composition-wise, this actually has a really catchy tune, so great job there. Awesome rhythms throughout. I also like the addition of the choir, which was odd but to my surprise worked very well at giving the track an apocalyptic feeling. Pretty good mixing and mastering all-around too. The big problem that this track harbours is most probably the fact that it's very repetitive. The sounds always remain rough and harsh, the melodies aren't really that varied at all for a whole 5 minutes and a half, and around halfway through the track it was hard for me to maintain my interest.

This is a big problem because not only does the repetitiveness make the track get uninteresting, but the repetitive and consistently harsh sounds can be hard to bear at times, even for dubstep. Most dubstep has smoother, more lush sections before proceeding to wub the heck out of the listener, perhaps you can go for that approach? Because to be honest the grating sounds started to really get annoying.

Overall, you've nailed a lot of different elements of this track, but the fact that there isn't enough variety both melodically and in sounds makes me have to reduce this track's score quite a bit, I'm afraid!



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3.82 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2012
3:12 PM EDT
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