Not Dun Dun Dun *Derpstep

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This is "Derpstep" i don't know who may have started the genre, or if it ever exists yet. But this is some of what derpstep would sound like. My other song "Dun dun dun" falls in the same catagory. This will be a series of songs, with "Dun dun dun" and in the derpstep genre! :3

Had to switch, since i wanted to use a different song Hopefully this sounds better.


Friggin awesome

This is going right to the favorites. I loved how you played with the highpitched tones, when you listen to them superficially they sound like they were placed at random, but listening closely to it, it sounds carefully chosen out.


Pretty good stuff. More elaborate then the other 8bit stuff I've been hearing.
It really progresses from a fucking mess to a pretty bit.!
Not a big fan of the sustained notes around 3:30-4:05 (approx).. sorta takes away from the crescendo..

9/10 for originality


you own man you think i could use your song and add lyrics..this is amazing x]

Kirbyfemur responds:

Sure i suppose, lol just make sure you reference me. :3


10 stars just because you made me laugh so hard xD
I've never heard a "happy" dubstep song before. I'm hoping this was made in a major key?o.o But uh, yeah, this reminded me of the original SNES games, but Donkey Kong more than anything xD Idk why,m but I could see DK swinging or exploding out of a barrel.

Now for the review- DUN DUN DUNNNNN.(;
The bass could come in sooner and add a drop. Drop about 3/5 through the song. You can add a demi-drop anywhere between 30-45 seconds. Optional. See, the thing is that you have a lot going on, and some of the sounds don't mix well with each other. You also just rush everything at the end- it ends abruptly. You could fade it out or mix it down to just a piano, or end on a drop.

The sounds don't mix well, such as the xylophone like one and the saw? Drums are decent, bass could be turned up, but for a first try, pretty decent bass. Interesting melody, but don't have the melody continue through the bass. Take a look at xKore for some great examples. It just gets really crazy with all the different synths and leads -.- I mean, you've got some great composing skills, just learn to identify which sounds will work.

I think I've written a good review, but my mind is still half-asleep, so don't kill me x,x
10/10(cuz I laughed my ass off)

Kirbyfemur responds:

Well this is mearly a work in progress, and i'm still in the process to just getting everything to sound decent and get some structure to it. But hopefully soon it will be finished :3

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