-Ghost train-

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Dark creepy and punchy Breakbeats with a horror theme. made in 8 hours, FL9!
you might have to crank the volume a bit. enjoy your ride! moHAHAHAH.

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I got spanked by a ghost once. Not even joking.

My mental image:

"Alright, X. Are you on board?"
"Yeah, I'm on. But something's off about this train."
"Whaddya mean?"
"A passenger train with no passengers? Come on."
"The whole thing is a front, really."
"The Syndicate uses passenger trains to throw suspicion off them. Really, they use them to smuggle their creations."
"Ah. Gotta give 'em points for creativity. But why are there no containers here, either."
"That doesn't matter. That train is en route to one of The Syndicate's manufacturing sites, where Fiends are created. Once...there, we......to......any means...understand?"
"What the...could you repeat that?"
"......*bzzzt click*"
"Hey! Central, answer me!"

There is no response, and X shuts off his communicator in frustration. He takes a seat nearby, resigning himself to the long train ride ahead.

"This sucks. I hate trains. And what happened to comms?"

Instinctively, he checks under his seat, as if looking for something. Not finding it, he checks the chairs next to him, as well as those in front and behind him. Not seeing what he's looking for, he sits back down.

"No jammers here. This is all too weird..."

Suddenly, over the clattering of wheels against the tracks, X hears something else. Faint, but there's no mistaking it.

"What the...was that a woman sobbing in the next car over?"

Deciding to investigate, which we already know is a bad idea, he gets to his feet. He walks to the door and places his hand on the handle. He takes a breath, steeling himself for whatever he might find, slides the door open, and steps through to the next car.

"Excuse me? Lady?"

The woman is about twenty feet away, slumped forward in her seat, looking rather pale. But she also looks as though she has been drenched in water. She does not acknowledge X, appearing not to have heard him, and sobs again.


The woman's head slowly turns as she faces X. Her eyes are blank, devoid of any emotion. If there are tears, they are impossible to make out through the water on her face. There is something eerie about her. Eerie and, somehow, sinister.

"Can I...uhh...can I help you?"

Suddenly, her eyes turn ravenous as she screams and springs up from her chair. Without even moving to the center aisle, she runs straight at X, passing through several seats on her way to him.


But before she can grab him, X quickly produces a concealed handgun and hits her with several shots. She shrieks as she melts into a bizarre phantasmic puddle of white ooze on the ground and melts away.

"Am I just seeing things, or was that a friggin' GHOST?"

As if in response, moaning and clattering can be heard in the car he just came from, and in the car ahead, there is the sound of moaning. But despite what just happened, a small grin appears on X's face.

"Oh, yeah. This is gonna be one hell of a night."

He turns back around, his hand on the door handle. Adrenaline surges through him, and excitement appears in his eyes.

"It's show time..."

The train level starts by a calm and creepy feeling. But as the train gains speed, the ghosts, enemies appear, and the GHosts train reveals it's true terror.
That's really what I feel: the beginning of the music is to dig you into the creepy feeling of the whole place, and then as the train gains speed (cause you're one it), everything gets harder, and the music gets better and creepier.

AWESOME theme, but you knew that already... One thing's sure: I certainly enjoyed my ride!!

To me, kind of sounds like it would fit the Doopliss fight in Paper Mario TTYD. If Waterflame remixed the original song using this style, the result would be pure win. Make more stuff like this, maybe some other remixes as well.

Amazing its all I can say

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Feb 13, 2012
4:26 AM EST
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