Greetings From Outer Space

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So I went back and reworked one of my earlier songs I didn't like too much and after lots of tinkering and effect mastering, the result is my latest progressive trance song.

It has a nice spacy feel to it and I hope everyone likes it.

Feel free to vote, drop a comment, or check out my other songs.



Really neat.

I love the composition in this one. You seriously have good ideas for trance music. Everything in this song, the pads, leads, progression, have really good melodies.

It's very relaxing, very trancey, very atmospheric.

What's that synth at 1.43? I love that pluck! 8D

This song just kind of lacks in one aspect: mixing. I can hear many synths in the same frequency range trying to compete with each other. Like the square synth at 0.58, feels like it's ducking in and out of the sidechained synth, and some others. What you can do is try to eq different synths to different frequencies, such that not too many instruments will take one frequency range. Especially the low mids, that seem to make every instrument sound fuller but really muddies up the song. Try to EQ every synth that is used, even if it's a preset.

Another thing that can be improved on is the kick. It sounds rather recessed into the background, and not that punchy. Probably can be fixed by EQing it. Try to boost the sub-bass and low bass, and a bit of treble and high mids. To make it stand out more, avoid letting other instruments take it's frequency ranges by cutting away the bass of all the other instruments. Many instruments have unneeded bass, probably as a result of reverb on them, that when added all together into a full song, can really take away from a kick.

Also, avoid adding reverb on low pitched instruments like the kick. This helps make the kick drum really punchy instead of distant. If you really want to, make it subtle. It's the bass frequencies you should watch the most, and make sure it is only dominated by the kick drum (and a select few other instruments, like the bass and possibly pads. Use parametric EQ 2 to see what frequencies each instrument has.

I'm not the expert mixer myself (self taught, and internet help), but I really hope these tips can help you in making music. This song is really good, I really love the melodies of this. Keep it up! And keep on making great music!

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ReWired responds:

Wow thank you for the very in-depth review. I totally agree with all of your advice on mixing. I'm still very new to mixing and mastering so I'm very grateful for the specific tips you gave me. I'm definitely going to incorporate them into my future songs. That synth at 1:43 is a simple pluck chord with a low cutoff I made using Sylenth1.
I'm glad you liked this song and I hope you will review my future songs,

im drunk but know what sounds good.

at first the liberal use of stereo effects detracts from the raw energy of that magnificent synth of yours. (more subtlety)

strings and stabs when the song gets going is a masterful implementation, and the melody is kept lively. there is also a variety of sounds to keep the tune going.

F*ckin gorgouse. [Voted 5]

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ReWired responds:

Subtlety and smooth transitioning have always been a challenge for me since my tendency is to jump from one melody to the next but hopefully my future songs will show I'm making progress.

Thanks for the kind words and the great review

Not bad.

In fact, It's great!

ReWired responds:

haha thanks man

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