Rise From The Abyss

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Hey everyone here's my latest trance song to close out this year. I feel this is arguably my best work so far and I hope you all enjoy it.

Feel free to vote, drop a comment, and check out my other songs.


p.s. Happy Holidays!

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Melody is very soft but careful with the volymes on the bass and kick they are now fighting each other makes rest of the song very unclear.
I suggest change the volyme bass abit try push up the kick abit more.
Chord work is fine but with the bass it makes almost hard to hear.
Main hook comes in also abit loud.

Mainly suggestion is try EQ some more and adjust volyme alittle.
Like previews post said made bass into offbeats makes songs much better.

Keep on working /TN

Hey there!

Yet again, really nice trancy feel to this song.
Pretty nice choice of instruments, and classic chord progression.

I'll just go straight into the critique. (which is the most fun to type)
I'd go with what I mentioned in the previous reviews, which is the bass. I'd say I do hear a bit of sidechaining (or just the limiter doing it's job) between the bass and kick, but it wasn't enough, and the kick loses it's punchiness into the bass. My suggestion? Put the bass into the offbeats, in between the kick drums. So the kick and bass won't play at the same time. Really direct way of preventing the bass from interfering from the kick.

I think the bass is kind of unneeded during the quiet part, when the pads play.. it is a bit too loud.

Also, melody wise, the rhythms of the melodies seem to center on each kick. Try to make melodies that have important notes between the kicks, (and probably put a stronger hihat in between the kicks too). The song focuses a lot on the downbeats (the beats where the kicks play), and not the upbeats (in between the kicks, to allow the person to 'bounce'). By giving equal focus to both the downbeats and upbeats, the song will have a much stronger beat to it.

This song is a bit repetitive, but it's a pretty good one. Nice choice of instruments, melodies, and ideas put together! Maybe it's time you upgraded your headphones/monitors/speakers/whatever audioequipment to something that can play the bass accurately (and so you can probably hear what you do). I'm assuming your system can't hear the bass well, or boosts it too much.

ReWired responds:

Yeah I'll have to go back and add some side-chaining in on the bass as well as strengthen the percs and add possibly add some sounds in or mess with the melody to fill in the upbeat and make the song less repetitive. I actually just upgraded my headset the day after I posted this song so I can hear exactly what you mean and I intend to fix it.
Thanks for the excellent review,
Happy Holidays,

Nice song! :D

Love this! and Merry Christmas!!!!! :DDDDDDDD

ReWired responds:

Thanks and a Merry Christmas to you too


I really like the arps, the sound was really soothing.
In the intro your build is kinda slow, you could slowly add some percussion next time. You have to keep in mind that trance is a very percussive genre. Loved how you slowly introduced more synths. And your breakdown is great, great atmosphere!
So the only thing you have to do to make this song a big 10 stars is by slowly adding some subtle percussion (eg open/closed hihats, clap on the afterbeat) along the build and then create a bigger burst after the build, to create more atmosphere. But be sure not to make it too loud, especially the hihats. It will be to messy and noisy. So you gotta carefully tweak around with the volumes until you get the right balances.
So all you need on the percussion is a nice not-too-loud open hihat, some subtle closed hihats and a firm but controlled clap on the afterbeat (the second and the fourth kick). Try to EQ pretty much all of those, so you can work the percussion into your own perfection. The more mixer channels, the more work, but mostly the better the sound is.
And if you've improved some more, you can even try to create a good firm side-chained rolling bassline, a famous trademark in trance. But be careful with those, because it's freakin' hard to create, and an offbeat bass (like you have here) will do fine as well.
Anyway, I've already talked too much, great song, I really loved your synths and melodies, great atmosphere. So you could turn up the amount of percussion some more!
Keep it up man, great work! :D

ReWired responds:

Thanks for the great review. I agree that adding a high hat and clap would accent the song nicely and make it less repetitive. Ill go back and add those in as well as take a look at adding a rolling bassline. I hope you keep reviewing my future songs. Your advice is very helpful.

Happy Holidays,

What dosnt make sense is...

i gave you a 5/5 but it said -0.00000005 ? wtf lol
anywase great track bro and merry Christmas!

ReWired responds:

haha I guess someone voted 6/5. Thanks for the review and merry Christmas to you too.


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Dec 24, 2011
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