HDC Presents: Klazik vs Wyze

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This is HDC's second hosted battle for the title of NG's HH #1 Champion. The winner is granted this title, but for only as long as he/she remains champion. Any challengers must be battled. To be NG's HH #1 Champion, you must possess the will and strength to battle whomever challenges your title.
HDC brings you a battle between KlazikNadi (http://klaziknadi.newgro unds.com/) and Wyze-Stingray (Wyze-Stingray.newgrounds .com). Wyze is also the mastermind who brings this amazing beat to your ears. KlazikNadi currently holds the title and Wyze-Stingray is challenging!

Set up: (8 Bars back and forth)
1st 8: Wyze
2nd 8: Klazik
3rd: Wyze
4th: Klazik
5th: Wyze
6th: Klazik

This title is for NG's Hip Hop #1 Champion; not NG's Hip Hip #1 Artist. This is a title that is awarded to its possessor; not self-proclaimed by some whack ass fool. This title is for those who have hip hop in their hearts; not for the weak, insecure and FAKE.

Long Live Hip Hop.

Please leave a review about who you think is the winner.

Enjoy, and keep on the look out for more battles in the future : D

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Both Tight

I have to say that I felt the Second on had this flow- I would guess that would be Wyze- Great articulation and excellent flows from both camps-

HDC responds:

Naw that was Klazik..thanks for the vote and words!


Wyze got nice swag, but Klazik can freakin' rhyme!! Really can't decide, still, both are really good.

HDC responds:

if we're talking swag, go check swagarific on freestylefriday.newgrounds.com


I'll give it a 10, cuz I support both of you and this HDC thing, but to be honest I'm not feeling the beat. It was pretty easy for me to zone off and not pay attention to the lyrics. That is why I hate battles. You're not really saying anything relevant, just tryin to rip on each other for no reason.

By the way, I know you both enjoy kissing boys.


Double KO

HDC responds:

Word TRE.

hmm, what to say....

first off, I liked Wyze's enthusiasm and swagger, but i preferred Nazi's lyricism.

Although i'm more of a "Its not what you say, but how you say it." kind of guy, so I'm gonna give my vote to Wyze

nice battle by the way :D

HDC responds:

Word Zodiax.

good Tuunez

alrighty! heeeres PhrOzen.
so ive given this a few plays an im bout to give my 2 cents of thought.
first off this is a nice track, you guys sound good back to back haha. - when Wyze is rockin in the dominant vocals, Klazik makes up for in with the lyricism. I enjoy both music each artist does. flow, sound, lines, etc. so this cant be one sided haha! I do feel Klazik hit with more personals then Wyze - although I do feel Wyze really fuckin came hard on his last drop. If he came that way thru the whole track, to me itd be a landslide victory...but in this case. itsa close battle. Ima have to give my vote to Klazik tho, Wyze had the flo an the dominant 'battle sound' but Klazik kept his mind on the target, came with more personals, wyze had some punches but I jus dont think he really had it sides in his slick flow - I do understand this is a friendly battle, an to me Im diggin the track asa whole really.

HDC responds:

Omega-Word PhrOzen! Thanks a bunch for detailed voting rationale. You the man!

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