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HDC: SJD vs. WarSpawn

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Author Comments

WarSpawn wins this battle over SJD by a cunt hair! Great flows by both, but the winner was decided!

Ladies and gentlemen, here's a battle.

Senator John Dean on verse 1 and 3
WarSpawn on verse 2 and 4

Beat by Sunra.

Leave a vote with who you think won this one.

Long Live Hip Hop

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SJD V1 - Gaming diss is only okay. Girls diss is weak, breath diss is strong. Wu Tang and Lupe lines are okay. Call of Duty diss and respawn should have been next to the gaming diss in the beginning. Lag is funny, couldn't hear the finisher is okay but kind of came out of the blue, could have used buildup. Delivery is fierce, SJD sounds really good hear. Overall: Vicious

War V1 - Mother diss is kind of funny, sort of an indirect flip. Teenager diss is nice, combined into the love flip it hits pretty hard. W flip is okay. A lot of little disses but they went by a little too fast and briefly for me to understand the backstory, let alone the words. Record sales is solid. Overall: Decent

SJD V2 - Family flip is amusing, comic diss could have been better. Link disses made me roll my eyes. Double dragon line is kind of boring due to lack of a rhyme. Finisher is hot air. Overall: Passable

War V2 - Couldn't rhyme an onomatopoeia is great, girl flip is nice, nine years/didn't earn shit is nice, bringing up Scuare sounds almost like you're hiding behind him. People you talk to/vote for you, spoiled line could have been expanded upon. Name drop flip isn't really true, finisher doesn't make sense to me. Overall: Good

I've never really been a fan of the Senator's flow, but he really brings it this time, and it made judging this a lot tougher. A lot of personals were thrown but a lot of them also fit into the Foyer effect, so it's hard to tell how premeditated these bars were.

Another reason this is hard to judge is the performances were not consistent at all. I compared each verse above and got a little stuck. The first and last verses are definitely the strongest, although SJD's second verse is weaker which kind of balances the battle out.

This battle is fucking close as hell. Originally I was going to give this to Senator, but when I listened again and again I kept catching more of War's lines that turned out to be really damned clever. I almost always cast a vote when I review but this is just too close for me to vote for someone and not regret it.

Beat is dope as hell too.

all this + 1 -1 bullshit
when the fuck did hip hop become a fucking math class

anyway it seemed SJD needed to dig into more personal places and throw out some low ones just to compete where as Warspawn came out swinging harder and more precise

then again this is the first time I'm hearing about senator and Warspawn to me is an old celebrated favorite so I might be a tiny bit biased

anyway great song anyway

and to be people sayin shit about that verse 2-Verse 3 transition... fuck you that overlay shit is pretty tight

Verse 1: SJD his rhyme scheme is pretty bad throughout most of the verse. His FPS reference in regards to re spawning was cliche, and his call of duty one felt week. When he brought up influences he wasn't strongly implicating biting so it felt as if he was just listing off influences. His timing on the beat in parts is really weird in points, but worked when he did it on purpose for the lag line.

Verse 2: Opening two bars are really nice, the teenager lame was pretty lame. He then goes onto to use some pretty weak punchlines, and he stumbles over his flow. The Uncle Tom line was funny. At this point it feels as if Spawn's verse is a bit stronger, but SJD's pacing was odd while Spawn is stumbling over his flow.

Verse 3: Why couldn't they cut off the motherfucker at the end of his verse? Also the EQing is so bad between the verses. Anyway onto the verse, his rebuttal to the Uncle Tom comment comes off as salty and is weak. But then he goes on to have alright punches with a much better flow. The family comments are kinda low blows though, then he makes a kinda lame comparison. Like "you better love your girl cause she's the missing link..." I mean I get what he was going for but it doesn't come across well. Then he goes onto make a pretty funny comment about his girl giving birth and video game comparison.

Verse 4: Talk about making a biting comparison successfully, saying SJD sounded like Hopsin's aborted fetus. Well done. Spawn goes to commented on SJD's girl, which is fair, but as lame as when SJD tried to do it. Burnt squidward, gets a little Danny Brown for a second which was pretty funny. Then he goes onto talking about how he thinks SJD cheats, about his personals, and it comes off as pretty boring.

So overall a pretty bland battle to be honest, with a couple of on par lines. You could tell both participants weren't too happy with each other, and both were surprisingly bad for the anticipation they claimed. I have no idea why this battle is so highly rated, it just goes to show the really lame standards of the people who even vote on these things. But anyway, both were pretty bad and highlights, but if I had to give it to someone I guess i'd give it to Spawn. Maybe? I don't know I think the 4 bars where he went Danny Brown-esque was the most entertainment I got from either verse.

But uh yeah tl;dr, both were pretty bad but i'd give it to Spawn.

HDC responds:

SJD - 8 WS -9

SJD has come through yet again! Close call overall but SJD takes the win on this one!

- BeefourMusic -

HDC responds:

SJD - 8 WS -8

jesus. after 5 straight listens, this is what I got

SJD v1-
WoW diss +
Asthma/Mao -
Wu-Tang +
Lupe +
Lag +
Detective +

WS v1
Milton +
Love/Slit Wrist +
Predator -
self-diss rhyme +
uncle tom +
dodge +
doin this is easy -

SJD v2
uncle/dad left +
broken home +
weakest link/people think -
double dragon/hobo faggot +
last 2 lines +

WS v2
hopsin fetus -
girl downpour +
squidward -
scuare +
private messages +
truce +

Sjd : +9 - 2 = +7
Ws: +9 - 4 = +5

Both guys brought a dope flow, on top of real aggression. I would love to see every battle at this caliber, because it is raw. This is how it should be down. Very close battle, I would vote tie, but I hate when people do that. Both had same amount of lines that I liked, WS just had a couple more that I disliked.

Both competitors are dope though.

HDC responds:

SJD - 7 WS -8

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4.88 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2012
1:08 PM EST
File Info
7.8 MB
3 min 26 sec

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