[Kieda] Yearning Hearts

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Kinda tells a story. Probably for someone else than me too.
Any comments would be lovely (:

Enjoy (:

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first of all, i really like the tune, you "catched" the right feeling for a track like this. but your drums is not fitting well IMO. a much more liquid like pattern and sounds can be fix these things. less punch, and a little bit more spread will be do the trick.
good job!

Kieda responds:

Hmm hadn't been thinking of that. Gonna remember when making my next song (:

Thanks for the review (:


Really enjoy the relaxing tone of this song. Gives a feeling of warmth and that everything will be alright as you hug your best friend who is crying because they will be leaving you soon for a university. A montage shows what becomes of the two of you over several months taking completely different paths in life but meeting up several years later and putting the band together at last as you both had promised each other.

The piano is very calming and makes you feel rather happy as you listen to it make you feel good. The synth is nicely done here as well. The windy background effect is really nice here. The drums are cool and kind of give a feeling moving forward in time with hope.

Overall, very calm and happy piece.

Review Request Club

Kieda responds:

Tells you a story, (:

Thanks for the review!

As a side note, RRC seems to have a lot of active reviewers atm, great :D


I like this song. It's almost perfect for a nice sunny Sunday like it is today. :)

The song is very relaxing and those "wind effects" (at 1:06 for example. Don't know if this really is a "wind effect", though ^^) is very fitting in this song, as it intensifies the relaxing mood the song creates.

I also like that the song stays so calm the whole way through. It doesn't get boring once, even though there are no real climaxes in this song. But the atmosphere of the song would be destroyed if there where any loud parts in it.

{ Review Request Club }

Kieda responds:

It's kind of wind effect :P (clap with a lot of reverb and some automated filter).

Thanks for the review (: Let's hope the sun will shine whole day!

Chill Track

Loved the drums and the piano mix. Definitely sounds like a best of both worlds sound. The intesity of the drums and the soothing sounds of the piano.

The background synth really added to the song though it was quite subtle. Subtle is a good thing.

1:20 was my favorite part. That sound you used was beautiful. The melody is quite catchy too. Also, you might wanna look into switching up the chord progressions to keep things interesting. It all sounds bit repetitive.

Great work man!

4.39 / 5.00 (+ 0.043)

[Review Request Club]

Kieda responds:

I didn't touch the piano in the 2nd part as I was afraid I would just destroy the melody xP On the other hand, I *could* have tried tho...

Thanks for the review (:

Really Chill!

Right off the bat I love the drum and piano work! This song kinda reminds me of a multi-player stage for an old video game. The Ambient break at 1:08 sounds beautiful, I love how smoothly you transitioned into the ambiance. The soft pads, and airy synth sounds also breathe a new kind of life into the break as well... great work!

Things to improve on:
- The bass in this track didn't really rock my world; as a good Drum & BASS track should.
- The drum patterns are great, but the drum samples themselves sound slightly dry/ un-layered.
- I would have loved to hear some unique percs or fx in the background.

This track is great, but with a little work it could be amazing!
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

Kieda responds:

I am more a drum & melody creator than drum & bass xP Anyway, I'll focus more on bass next time (:

FX and percs.... hmm... For some reason I just kinda didn't... kinda... I forgot them...

Anyway, thanks for the review!

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4.33 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2011
11:02 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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