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Death by Solitude

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Every song has its story. It's not so much about the music as it is about how the music makes you feel, and what it makes you think. The story doesn't really begin until the violin and flute emerge. After that you may choose the songs destiny. Below is my interpretation which should be read very slowly. I'd love to hear yours.

As always, Cheers

An old, lonely soul reflects on his past... Wishing to bestow his wisdom to the young, so they dare not travel his path. Clenching his teeth unable to speak he lays in wait. After a moments reprieve the stark pain of lovelessness envelopes his heart. His hearts agony is silenced by the truth of solitude. He is forgotten.

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It's good!

A beautiful piece! Truly wonderful! The piano and ambient made me want to shed a few tears, as it made me think deep about all I've lost before, though I know others have had it worse off. A deep, true work of art that gets to me with ease every time I listen.

Here's my interpretation of this masterpiece; it's a little more of a story than interpretation, though:

A girl is sitting - alone - on a bench near the seashore. It was a full moon night, and it glistened in the sky above like a boat among a sea of clouds. Alone she sits in waiting; the sand scrunched in between her toes; the waves roaring out to her; the sea-birds above calling out to her, asking her to join them in the skies above. As a drop of rain slides down her face, a tear accompanies it. The droplets dance across her emotionless face before dropping to the cold stone beneath her foot. As she lifts her head to stare at the oncoming storm, she could not help but weep. She had lost all but her life, which at this point, was gone with the gulls. As thunder shouted behind her, and the waves crashing before her eyes, she could only think of one thing, and one thing only. She wanted to go with the moonlight; be one with the stars.

She stood slowly as the drops became more frequent; the tears almost seemed to shoot from her eyes as she trudged toward the ocean. A bolt of lightening was seen in the distance. She screamed, but nobody was around to hear. It was almost like a scene out of a messed-up horror film; the damsel in distress, once saved by her prince, now found herself walking towards an unspeakable fate. Friends had fallen, her true love lost, her best friend and only companion throughout the entirety of her life was gone forever. All in a day. A very long day.

As the moon began to fade behind the blackened clouds, the damsel's dirty blonde hair flew in the winds, as if trying to pull her away. Her toes were now drenched with the sea water below; she had taken her first, and one of her last steps. A clap of lightening heard from behind caused her to fall in to the merciless wall of water approaching. She changed her mind; she didn't want to be above the clouds quite yet, but her fate had been sealed. As she tried to move her underskirt away from her head, she could only attempt to struggle. And struggle. And struggle.

The 10-foot wall fell on top of her head, and she lost her vision instantaneously. Just then, to her disbelief, she heard her companion calling for her, and she tried to head towards it. There was a problem, though; it came from all directions, and she had not the ability to find her way to safety.

Carried further in to the ocean, the damsel struggled to breathe much longer; the moon was nearly invisible as the clouds engulfed it whole. She could no longer feel the pain; the base of her life was broken, and she had lost her sense of feeling. One small caveat; she could no longer struggle. The weight of her gown was too much to keep her afloat. Her companion called again, but the damsel couldn't hear the cry.

As her best friend came running, he could not bear the sight before him. He was devastated; the moon was now gone with the winds of change. As he sat and wept, he saw her sapphire-encrusted silver necklace drift back to shore. As he dried off the ornament of legend, he cried out to the sky. The dawn of a life had come to exist. The companion carried the ornament and lay down beneath the bench the damsel rested on minutes before; it was the place they met. Alone and scared, the best friend of the damsel of distress was broken. As he made his final cry to the stormy skies, the rain collapsing on his furry nose, he went with the moonlight.

A life lived and lost by solitude; not an easy thing to forget, is it?

corbetweller responds:

I have a sad heart. Perhaps one day my music will sing praises of Love that is found rather than lost. Thank you for the epic story, my friend. Cheers

There were no words. But there never was any, were there? They all slipped through the cracks of time, into silence. The sort that stifled, smothered, and suffocated any sound that dare be uttered.

She had already come this far. Alone she had started, and alone she had ended. Was there something she could have done to prevent this? To stop those who came and left like raindrops. In with a splash, skittering off into her wake?

No, she left them behind. That was her choice. Her choice. -Her choice.- ... was it?

In that stifling silence, at the end of the world, there was only one word.

Of solitude, of pyrrhic victories gone by, of hope and despair: Regret.


Made me think of the ultimate outcome of a story I've been working on.

Great song!

corbetweller responds:

Lovely interpretation, my friend. I can really feel your description. Perfect word choice, too. "Regret" Take care, Mate!

A group of five friends, for their entire lives, have met each other at a the only light in a dark world. The friends, one by one, begin to stop visiting the light. The middle aged of the five vanishes into darkness, leaving only four. The second oldest of those remaining leaves, as their life changes. Then, the second youngest, as he begins to question his own place, slowly backs away into the shadows of the broken world. The youngest and the oldest remain, and they talk. They only talk about what once was. They talk about the games the group once played, and the jokes they had made. Suddenly, the older one looks at the younger one and assures him that they will always be friends. The youngest knows that it is a lie only when, the next day, he is alone. And the day following, he is alone. He clings to the one light in existence, a light that is beginning to flicker. He remembers, all day, every day, his friends. He wonders why they left, and He clings to the single, fragile light for all of eternity.

corbetweller responds:

The imagery is surreal. Well said, my friend.

Magnificent piece of composing Corb! This is how it made me feel..... A deep, passionate, caring relationship ended in the most horrific way by one of the lovers trapped in a fatal car accident. The beholder screaming and holding his arms out to reach the one he loves but he is being dragged away from the scene. Terror and tear filled eyes in agony, in disbelief. There is nothing worse than a love ended at the pinnacle of it's love. Yes my friend, it suits the way I feel right now.

I had your composition looping for half hour or so before I came back to reality.


corbetweller responds:

As always, your words are too kind, my friend. I appreciate the review and your imagery is indeed amazing.

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