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~SW~ Cavern of Memory

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Hello again, everyone, if you know me. I'm here once again to give an awesome soundscape.

Hope you enjoy it, it's an eerie song, designed for a mine. I added quite a few awesome bits and bobs in. If you can't find them, you can refer to this list to see where (I thought) they were/are.

Awesome bits:
0:19 - Opening of song.
0:38 - Opening up of ambient noise.
0:57 - Start of lightwave pad.
1:36 - Eerie drone.
1:50 - Chargeup.
1:55 - Lightspeed (arp synth) solo.
2:14 - High-low-high pass section.
2:24 - False ending.
2:28 - Restart.
2:52 - Elevator going up out of the cavern.

-Unless you rate this as 5/5 and 10/10, please take a minute to tell me what's wrong with it or how it could be better. We could all use some improvement. :)


Edit: WOOOOOHOOOO! Track on the top 5! I'm amazed I made it here, thanks to all the people who helped it reach that amazing place! Let yourself fall into the track, and welcome to the Cavern of Memories!

I plan on making more songs like this, especially if people think that it's this good.

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Minecraft-ish much?

I can just imagine your character mining in a cave system to this song and it fits perfectly

SkyeWint responds:

lol, I actually did make this around the time I started playing Minecraft. No actual connection though, sorry. :P It does work while in a cave there though, I think.

Thanks for the kind words!

Creepy Feel

I really liked the ambient opening with the reverby bass drum. It works perfectly as an intro to the song. Overall, it has a creepy and spacey vibe throughout it. The synths all blend together really well. The breakdowns and buildups helped to keep the song from becoming monotonous. I liked how you ended the song with the pitch blended synth going up, really neat and unique way to close out the song.

One thing I've noticed throughout a few of your songs is that you seem to use the same kick drum. It's always to have some variety in your drums. Criticism aside, I really enjoyed it and your stuff will only get better with time.

SkyeWint responds:

Thanks for the review! I actually don't use the same kick drum throughout all my songs, I vary them. They are similar though, I'll give it that. I'm trying out different kicks from Reason now though, hopefully they'll be better.

The ending, I worked hard on that. Spent an hour on it alone, after somebody didn't like the previous ending of simply fading out the drums after the last "bell" arp. Out of curiosity though, was the kick the only reason you gave this an 8? I feel like there was something else you hadn't said. Could you PM me or something with what else you didn't like? Or, if it was just the kick, no need to PM. lol. Thanks overall though.

Villainous Theme

This would make a great song for a group of baddies. That's the first thing that came to mind when I first heard this. It sounds like they are planning something devious

SkyeWint responds:

A group of baddies? Interesting. To each their own interpretation, I suppose. Thanks for the interesting idea, maybe I should try to deliberately do that sometime! ...of course, it would probably end up sounding like a cavern, which this was intended for.

Spiffy, ol' boy.

I like it, as ambient goes it's got a great effect as a soundtrack, but for a standalone song i feel like it's missing parts and pieces. Also, just in my opinion, i think 1:50 is way too far in for the charge up, if you want to hook quicker, put that in sooner.

SkyeWint responds:

May I ask, what pieces do you think it's missing? A PM would be nice. I'll try to listen to it again though to see what you think is missing. Thanks for telling me about that.

I've gotten a complaint about the "chargeup" sound before, but it doesn't seem like it would fit earlier in the song... seems like it would break flow then. I'll try it at least.

Thank you for the review and tips!


My first thought was that I was on another planet with a cool tone to it. You sir are gifted

SkyeWint responds:

Gifted? Probably not. Hard-working, I'd agree on. lol. I don't like to say people are gifted, because even if they are, what's more important? Working and using the gift you have. Chances are, if you think this song is good, it's because I've worked for about half of my life on piano, so I know a lot of music theory, I've also worked for over half a year on music production and composition.

Thanks for the kind words though. Always nice to hear. ^_^

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Jul 27, 2011
12:23 PM EDT
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