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Rap was BORN in the bronx. I wasn't around when it happened but I was born into the place it was created for a reason. During the 90s I was comin up n before soulja boy, drake and wacka flaka came into the game, rap was jus startin to get gangsta.. but lyrics and word play still meant alot. This is the type of rap Mack stands for, disagree? LEAVE NOW.
Anyway, this beat is called Soltice by Mainstreambeats.newground s.com check em out and show em luv. Show me luv, leave a review. Don't be a lamesta.

Im passionate about the raps i spit
You kno.. Crackin a dutch while I mac wit a bitch
I'm smoove wit it, Stealthin it up while im baggin these chicks
You dudes get it ? Im attractin em by stackin these bricks

I'm neva slackin cuz I'm stashin half a pack in her tits
I'm packaging.. black metal in her crack with the clips
In her handbag strap settled on my lap when im whippin
that green jag switchin seats wheneva n***as is slippin

hop a pack into that passenger, my girl jus dips
Failure aint an option if we tryna count these chips
cops left n right hit a buck light on the strip
got rid o them blue n whites like we was bangin on crips

Intense pressure.. don't it feel like you atop of the cliffs
danglin.. wishin you was home, sparkin a spliff
untanglin.. game wires makin jokes witcha kids
Instead sufferin the wrath of tha mack when tha gat spits

And thas it this shit could get drastic
And if you get clapped quick
You'd neva get past it... You Faggot
Extend your life by not opposin me brotha

Not a hole in 1 but a hole in ya wife n ya mother
Have ya gotten this far in ya life just to discover
That your enemies abilities are like no otha
Blamin me but im jus playin the game

And im winnin it too.. legendary unforgettable name
They call me Smoove Mack Billz coordinator of the master plan
Neva fail wheneva I draw the faster hand
already caught whateva ya chasin after and

I'd Show ya why ya shouldnt doubt ya man
I could call ya sister up like hey shawty whats shakin
Tryna slide thru after smokin a blunt?
She told me keep it a buck, its gon make her wanna take a dick

I tol her that I'm tryna stick my dick in her butt
You see ya fams is my slut you to start to see whats up
Retreat ya squad to tha block it seems you got tough luck
My only guard is my glock and it protects me well

wit a loud crazy mouf it kiss n automatically tells
You scream Mack, listen around for tha sound of tha bells
My name'll ring em not ya average dad for show n tell
or career day i tote guns illegal money collector
so how im gettin thru tha school metal detectors



We Bronx N***as yo this music was created where we came from
And we pull them triggas no debatin yo you lames done
Fucked up the real to fake ratio this season
So Mackity is here and yo hes makin it even

Passionate about these rhymes that we spit on tha regular
Dont nobody stand a chance n thats tha reason im tellin ya
You could try to fight if you wish
But jus remember that I warned ya when all ya mans switch to bitch



Well now ya know they call me Mack
and ya kno that its a fact
If ya lack skills I ain't finna cover for ya slack
Mattafack back heres where the best'll be

Come thru if ya want but tha rescue team'll have to save ya
You don wanna drown in our paper
Never to become again yourself outragously
What I'm suggestin B? That ya find someone ta love like Justin B.

If ya ask what am I doin or where am I at ?
You'll be informed thatcha n***a Billz bangin tha track
Youll be mislead if ya ask wifey that
She'll be tellin ya she workin while she bangin tha Mack

its like that i dont relate to none of you cats
i stack bread fuck bitches n i spit cool raps
im laid back cuz my hype is beyond the limit
Fuckin wit Mack ya n***as bound to be finished


Hope all ya hip hop n***as enjoy.. hope all ya NON-hip hoppers find your way into hip hop through me.. but if not and you a hater of any kind then I ain't even gotta speak toward you cuz yall know the drill already lol. Real ova Fuckin Fake all day, BX all day..

-Just one man in a group in a group of respec

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This is awesome

Thanks for using the beat this is amazing. There isn't anything to fix cept the stuff I messed up on the beat :P

Mackity responds:

xD Thanks alot yo, glad you enjoyed it.. Thanks for MAKING the beat.

Smooth Mack billz is that n***a right now!

This is that real shit right here. Only real street n***as can relate to the realness. Fucken wit mack ya'll lil n***as is bound to be finished. N***as aint ready mack dont stop till they heart pop.

- Mr. Big Bad Almighty Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- A-GANG (Almighty Gangster Records)
- Real-Over-Fake (Approved)

Mackity responds:

Good lookin out Lej, you already kno my n***a. BX all day.. R.O.F. til death.

g shit

tuff shittt biatch. we nid make track.

Mackity responds:

Indeed so yo, its been way too long.

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May 7, 2011
10:34 AM EDT
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